Healesville Community Solar and Battery Offer 2019:
Sponsored by Healesville CoRE and Mondo

Healesville CoRE is a group of local volunteers who are taking action to address climate change by increasing the use of renewable energy in our town. Our goal is to help transition Healesville to Net Zero carbon by 2027 and to facilitate this we have joined forces with Mondo to promote the Healesville Community Solar & Battery Offer.

Our offer will consist of an appropriately sized quality solar system containing a Fronius inverter and the Mondo Ubi device, all with the option to include a battery. Buildings in the 3777 post code area will be eligible for the offer, commencing in February 2019.

The details of this Community Solar & Battery Offer will be announced at our community launch on Monday 25 February 2019 & at the Business Breakfast on Tuesday 26 February 2019.

We have heard countless stories from our community on how difficult it can be to decide what solar system to install due to lack of understanding and/or a lack of information. We have also heard our community members describe a lack of trust in the sales people who ‘cold-call’ or turn up on the doorstep unannounced. In addition, we have some heard horror stories about installations of poor quality or inappropriate equipment, poor advice on connecting solar systems and worst of all useless warranties and inadequate post installation service from less-reputable operators. We want to address these concerns and have been actively researching and vetting participants to ensure we are promoting a quality, cost effective solution that will satisfy most requirements.

The Healesville Community Solar & Battery Offer seeks to overcome trust and reliability issues. We offer a solution to the community based on top quality and guaranteed equipment, specifically designed for each individual household and installed by reputable and qualified local installer. These systems on offer will not necessarily be cheapest available, but they will be cost competitive, reliable and come with strong warranties. We truly believe that the partners we have selected to work with are trustworthy and reliable operators.

In addition to a quality solar system, this first Healesville Community Solar & Battery Offer will include smart technology (called an Ubi) which will enable the user to receive moment by moment information about their solar system. The Ubi device will also be the platform used for the Healesville Mini Grid when this is established at a later date, and all community members with an Ubi device will be invited to participate.

Our major partner Mondo is the unregulated business arm of AusNet, the local electricity distribution company who own and operate the poles and wires in Healesville. Mondo is an organisation with suitable experience having run bulk buys for other community groups including Yackandandah & Euroa. Mondo also now operates a Mini Grid in Yackandandah. Partnering with Mondo allows Healesville CoRE to tap into their resources and expertise, including their engineers who will organize the technical side of the project (specifying top quality equipment and vetting installers) leaving Healesville CoRE to manage the promotion with Mondo’s support.

Please note that should you proceed with the offer the final contractual agreement will be between the you and the vetted installer, with payment being made directly to the installer.

Healesville CoRE has the support of the Yarra Ranges Council and the local community Bendigo Bank, who will be supporting our offer with attractive finance options. With huge government grants also available, solar installations have never been so affordable!

Healesville CoRE wants quality at a fair price, with a focus on whole community benefit in the longer term. We understand that some people will prefer to purchase the cheapest systems they can source and are not interested in being connected to a Mini Grid. We respect that. But it is not in Healesville CoRE’s interest, or in the community interest, for Healesville CoRE to focus on that. Every one, even those who do want to participate, can obtain competitive offers elsewhere to compare solar systems and prices.

Anyone who purchases a system through the Community Solar & Battery Offer will be invited to voluntarily join Healesville CoRE as a member for a small fee of $20 for an individual and $75 for a business. We have to pay for our administration expenses and your voluntary payment of this membership fee will partly fund us to do so.

Healesville CoRE have negotiated with Mondo on behalf of the Healesville community to develop the Healesville Community Solar & Battery Offer.


We will promote the offer via our website, social media, newspaper, radio, market stalls and shop front advertising. We will hold community events in conjunction with Mondo to provide you with detailed information and answer your questions.

When you are satisfied that this offer is right for you then you will be invited to sign up to purchase your new system.

Expressions of Interest:

If you want Mondo to contact you to discuss your solar needs or if you have any general questions about solar electricity or solar hot water for your home, go to the Expression of Interest page to register your details and this information will go to Mondo and Healesville CoRE.

What will happen then?

  1. Mondo will contact you by phone to discuss your situation and to answer your questions. There will be no pressure to buy a solar system.
  1. When you are ready to book our preferred local installer to inspect your rooftop and to provide you with a no obligation quote about the best solar configuration for your situation, you can go to the Healesville CoRE website to book a home visit OR phone Mondo to book the visit.

At this point you will be required to pay a $50 fee to Healesville CoRE which helps to
support our work with the Healesville community. You can pay by credit card via the Healesville CoRE website OR you can pay Mondo over the phone and Mondo will take your details and payment for Healesville CoRE. If you prefer you can also pay by direct deposit.

  1. After your home visit, the installer will provide you with the price of the recommended quality solar system. You will be able to compare this with other quotations you get from your own research with other installers. Do make sure you compare like with like as there are great variations in the quality, performance and warranty of solar equipment.
  1. If you decide to purchase, you will contact the managing installer who will arrange a contract with you and will arrange for the supply of the equipment, the provision of a qualified and solar-certified installer, who has also been trained by Mondo to install the Ubi. Where possible, local, or nearby installers will be used as a priority, thus keeping money in the local community.
  1. Your system will be installed, connected, tested, signed off, and handed over to you to produce free solar energy.
  1. The cost of the system (depending on how large and whether with batteries or not) could potentially be paid off over a 3 -7-year period, by the savings you make from your solar energy production (depending of course on when and how often you use electricity and how much you consume and what government grants you received). Then, after your system has been paid off, your solar energy production will be free for the expected life of the panels which is 30+ years.

Not a problem. You will be able to get advice from Mondo’s preferred installers as to what your options are, options such as:

  • Add additional solar panels
  • Replace your existing solar panels with a new system (if existing panels are poor quality, degraded, damaged etc)
  • Continue to use your existing inverter or purchase a new inverter
  • Add a battery or not
  • Add the Mondo Ubi at additional cost (this will be a requirement).

Solar Victoria have all the answers to your frequently asked questions.