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The first step to improve a home’s liveability and simultaneously reduce its running/energy cost, is to see if improvements can be made to the heat loss in winter and the heat gain in summer through the skin of the building. This should ideally be done before solar panels are installed.

In Healesville, many existing houses and commercial buildings were poorly constructed when energy costs were relatively low and building regulations did not require a 6-star energy efficiency rating. The retrofitting of existing homes and commercial buildings to improve their energy efficiency is often possible without spending a lot of money. This is even more important where access to solar exposure is limited (not enough roof or too many shade trees). It makes good sense to reduce the energy use of a building before a solar system is installed. Less solar panels will be needed for energy/cost savings when a building is energy efficient. For low-income residents in Healesville, it is particularly important to reduce the cost of energy and to make living conditions more comfortable.

Healesville CoRE has developed a Home Energy Efficiency Advice Service. We have a team of trained volunteers, who will be able to visit homes in Healesville, check them for their energy efficiency and report back with a list of suggestions for ways of improvement. The checks will include ceiling, wall and floor insulation, draughts, windows, lighting, heating, cooling, and hot water. The home advisors will look at energy bills and see if recommendations can be made to lower these bills.

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