Book a Home Visit - Solar Electricity

Welcome to our sign-up page for a HOME or BUSINESS VISIT!!

To sign up here you need to meet three conditions:

  1. Your house or your business is in the 3777 post code area.
  2. You have spoken with Mondo about your solar energy needs. If you have not done so then you need to go here to sign up for a discussion with Mondo.
  3. You are willing to accept as a condition of signing up for a home or business visit that you will pay a booking fee of $50, on sign up, to Healesville CoRE, to support our ongoing community work in transitioning Healesville into a Net Zero carbon town.

If you have already spoken with Mondo about your solar needs and if you have decided that you would like a visit from our solar installer, then you need to book your visit on this page.

The solar installer will then arrange an appointment with you to visit your home or business, will discuss your solar needs and his recommended solar system with you, and will provide a no obligation quote.

After that you are free to obtain other quotes, but do ensure that you ‘compare apples with apples’ as there are a lot of options in the variety of solar systems you can purchase.

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