Event Details

Saturday 9th November
10.30am – 12.30pm
Darron Honey Centre
(at the rear of the Uniting Church),
Maroondah Hwy, Healesville
(opposite Coles)

We are very pleased and excited to have secured three speakers from three different and dynamic community energy groups doing some great things to bring us the latest news hot off the press:

Dan Cowdell from CORE Geelong on the work they are doing to invigorate the renewable energy scene in Geelong!

Chris Weir from the Bendigo Renewable Energy Hub on the work they have been doing in Bendigo using government funding to run the Hub and to increase the uptake of community renewable energy in Bendigo!

Cambell Klose from Indigo Power to bring us up to date with the latest developments in establishing Indigo Power in north east Victoria as the first community retail power company in Victoria and to inform us about their impending start date!

This final event is a great opportunity to hear from a number of successful leaders and innovative community renewable energy groups in Victoria.
Learn about what inspires them, the steps they took to develop their projects, problems faced, work they are doing in their communities and what successful outcomes have been achieved, including:
• solar and battery programs
• solar farms
• pumped hydro
• local community investments in solar business models
• community retailer
• community donation models for solar installations
• micro grids