The Healesville CoRE Community Offers Program

Healesville CoRE is proud to offer a range of services to help improve home energy efficiency and provide education in renewable energy.

Heat Pump Hot Water Bulk Buy

Reclaim Energy heat pump hot water, a quality system designed for Australian conditions

Switching to an energy efficient hot water system will save you money and benefit the environment. With government rebates available, households now have an opportunity to purchase an energy efficient hot water system at an upfront price that’s competitive with traditional systems.


Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner Bulk Buy

Energy efficient, cheap to run, warm in winter, cool in summer, clean and quiet… reverse cycles tick all the boxes when it comes to heating and cooling your home!

We’ve partnered with Air Fusion to create this community bulk buy offer, for Daikin Cora and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries reverse cycle air conditioners.


Solar Panels & Batteries Bulk Buy

Save on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint by harvesting energy from the sun!

We have partnered with Yarra Ranges Shire Council and Solar Savers to offer this community solar panel and battery bulk buy program.


Electric Vehicle Bulk Buy

Time to make the switch to electric!

Times are changing, and electric vehicles are quickly becoming a very viable option. We’ve partnered with the Good Car Company to bring you this offer.


Home Energy Efficiency Advice

A home energy efficiency advisory service provided by a registered professional assessor (paid service), or a community volunteer (free service)

Have a qualified and registered Assessor visit your home to give global but detailed advice about ways to make your electricity bills smaller and your home more comfortable in summer and winter. This is a professional service and there is a fee for this assessment.

OR PREFER A FREE SERVICE that is less comprehensive but also very helpful? Register for one of our trained home energy efficiency volunteers to provide a free visit and a free report.


Free Home Energy Upgrades

A FREE UPGRADE of your home to a range of energy efficient products, with free products and free installation – no catches!

Supported by the Victorian Government Energy Upgrade Program AND FREE, you can have an expert visit your home to replace a wide range of items that are now obsolete and energy hungry, with the latest energy efficiency products. Healesville CoRE has organized an installer for you and all you have to do is make an appointment and watch your energy bills decrease!!


Home Energy Efficiency Kit

Would you prefer a do-it-yourself option for your home energy efficiency upgrade?

Three local government authorities are providing a Home Energy Efficiency Kit, which can be borrowed from local libraries in the Eastern Regional Library system.