Community Solar Electricity & Hot Water Offers

Healesville CoRE is very excited to be able to offer to the Healesville and surrounding communities TWO very significant projects:

  • A Community Solar Panels and Battery Offer, in conjunction with a company called Mondo, which was launched on 25 February 2019 to enable residents and businesses to purchase top quality, reliable solar panels and batteries, with good warranties at fair prices and
  • A Community Solar HOT WATER & HEAT PUMPS BULK BUY in conjunction with two companies, Apricus for evacuated tube hot water heating technology and Reclaim Energy for heat pump hot water heating technology

These community buying opportunities are part of the work Healesville CoRE is doing to transition Healesville to a Net Zero town by 2027, within 10 years of our formation.

These projects will help Healesville homeowners and businesses to significantly reduce their electricity bills and save on the production of carbon dioxide which is a significant factor in Global Heating and the Climate Emergency.

If you would like to find out more about the Healesville CoRE community offers go to the links below. There is a three-stage process involved if you wish to participate:

  1. Check out all the information on our website about these community solar offers so you are well informed on what is available.
  2. Click on the Expression of Interest button under either Solar Electricity OR Solar Hot Water, or both, to provide your personal details so we can contact you to discuss your needs. This will be a no obligation discussion with someone from Mondo for solar panels and batteries and from Reclaim Energy or Apricus for Solar Hot Water.
  3. Once you have spoken with the relevant representative and have the information you require, and want to arrange a site visit and quote from the relevant installer, then go the Book a Home Visit section of our website under Solar Panels & Batteries OR under Solar Hot Water & Heat Pumps to book a home visit, relevant to the equipment you are interested in. An installer will then contact you to make arrangements for a home visit and a quotation for your particular site requirements.

At the stage of Book a Home Visit you will be  required to make a $50 Community Contribution payment that will go to Healesville CoRE to support our voluntary community work.