“Microgrids. Macro benefits.”

Monday October 12th

10.30am to 12.30pm
Darron Honey Centre (rear of Uniting Church),
Maroondhah Highway, Healesville

A transformation is occurring with the production and distribution of
electrical energy. From the centralised, large scale power grids
traditionally tasked with the transportation of electricity generated by
coal fired power stations, to more decentralised, smaller scale,
distributive systems. These new, locally based microgrids store and
distribute their own solar energy with the aid of batteries and digital
monitoring devices. Amongst other benefits, microgrids create greater
energy resilience during blackouts and natural disasters and offer
freedom from high cost traditional energy suppliers.

Healesville CoRE has been working with Mondo on the installation of an
Ubi, a solar system’s network monitoring device which will soon enable
Healesville’s first microgrid to be trialled. The aim of the trial is to
establish a local energy grid powered entirely by our own rooftop solar
installations and able to draw from, and supply to, the main grid as

For this trial to be fully actioned however, Healesville will also need a
community renewable energy retailer. This – we are very proud to
announce – will soon be made available as well.

Please join with us at this event to learn more about microgrids, how the
new Healesville Microgrid will benefit our community and how you can
sign up to the new local community energy retailer.

In addition to this, we are excited to announce that Yarra Ranges Council
is considering the installation of a solar farm on the site of the old
Healesville tip. Council will be providing further details regarding the
project’s scale, implementation and information on how the local
community can get involved with the project.

Guest Speakers:

Mondo – Inventor and developer of Ubi, will inform us about the
Healesville Microgrid, how we can all make it possible and its benefits
for the community.

Indigo Energy – The community energy retailer, will teach us how the
Healesville community can benefit from a community energy retailer,
regardless of if you’re part of the Healesville Microgrid or not.

Yarra Ranges Council – Will outline the latest information on the
Healesville Solar Farm.