Healesville CoRE Policy Register

Policies and procedures are an essential component of any organisation. They are important because they address pertinent issues, such as explaining who is responsible for doing what work, how we communicate with each other, what constitutes acceptable behaviour with each other, how we deal with issues, what are our values and mission of the organisation, etc. They also provide clarity to the reader when dealing with activities that are of critical importance to the organisation such as, health and safety, legal liabilities, regulatory requirements or issues that may have serious consequences.

Healesville CoRE has a Policy Register of over 40 policies. These policies address the areas of

  • Management (incl. committees, roles, responsibilities),
  • Values (incl. ethical, environmental),
  • Personal (incl. working with children, OH&S, privacy),
  • Communication (incl. correspondence, web site, marketing, confidentiality),
  • Governance (incl. strategic plan,  legislative compliance,  conduct of meetings, transparency),
  • Finance (incl. authority of expense, expense reimbursement, membership fees),
  • Events (incl. event design and implementation, program management, speaker engagement).

The below register provides the reader with access to each policy of Healesville CoRE

Healesville CoRE Policy Register

Management01 Central Committee Structure v1.2init

Management02 Healesville CoRE Subcommittees v1.2init

Management03 RACI Policy v1.1+Matrix

Management04 Central Committee Induction v1.0

Value01 Vision & Mission Statement v1.1

Value02 Code of Ethics v1.0

Value03 Environmental Policy v1.0

Person01 Child Safe Policy v1.1

Person01 Code of Conduct v1.1 – (This Code of Conduct relates to the Child Safe Policy)

– Person01 Child Safe Risk Management Plan v1.1 – (This Risk Management Plan relates to the Child Safe Policy)

Person02 HealthSafetyWellbeing v1.0

Person03 Bullying v1.0

Person04 Sexual Harassment v1.0

Person05 Membership v1.0

Person06 Privacy v1.0

Communications01 Confidentiality v1.1

Communications02 Correspondence v1.1

Communications03 Website v1.0

Communications04 Email Policy v1.0

Communications05 Marketing Policy v1.0

Communications05 NFP marketing strategy v1.0 – (This NFP marketing strategy relates to the Marketing Policy)

Communications06 Media Relations v1.0

Governance01 Risk Management v1.1

Governance02 Strategic Plan v1.1

Governance03 Policy & Procedures v1.1

Governance04 Records Management v1.1

Governance05 Risk Management Register v1.0

Governance06 Legislative Compliance v1.0

Governance07 Transparency v1.0

Governance08 Conduct of Meetings v1.0

Governance09 Conflict of Interest v1.0

Governance10 Governance v1.0

Governance11 Code of Conduct v1.0

Governance12 G-Suite Framework v1.0

Finance01 Financial Management v1.1

Finance02 Authority of Expense v1.1

Finance03 Budget Planning v1.0

Finance04 Payment Processes v1.0

Finance05 Community Grants v1.0

Finance06 Expense Reimbursement v1.0

Finance07 Membership Fees Policy v1.0

Finance08 Fundraising Policy v1.0

Event01 Event Design and Implementation v1.0

– Event01 Safety Checklist v1.0 – (This Safety Checklist relates to the Event Design and Implementation Policy)

– Event01 Event Planning Guide v1.1 – (This Planning Guide relates to the Event Design and Implementation Policy)

Event02 Event Program Management v1.0

Event03 Speaker Engagement v1.0