Solar Hot Water and The Healesville Community Solar Hot Water Bulk Buy 2021

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This is a video of Healesville CoRE’s first ever Webinar held on 23 June 2020!

We wanted to continue with our work for the Healesville and broader community despite the lockdown due to Covid-19.

The video features Glen Morris, our local solar energy guru talking about solar energy and solar hot water, followed by Chris Spencer from Reclaim Energy, speaking about the Reclaim Energy heat pump and the 2020 Healesville CoRE Community Hot Water Offer (Heat Pumps). Healesville CoRE’s President, Jeff Barlow, introduces the webinar and provides further information at the end.

We hope you find this, our first webinar, interesting and engaging.


For further information about our 2021 Community Solar Hot Water Offer please read below to find out how you can save money on your power bills and reduce the carbon footprint of your house. And don’t forget the no obligation Expression of Interest for a personal phone call about your hot water energy needs.

In our quest to transition Healesville into a Net Zero town, we have embarked on a Community Solar Hot Water Bulk Buy with Reclaim Energy, a supplier of heat pumps. This solar system is incredibly efficient at producing hot water for homes and businesses for less cost.

Hot water heating in our region is expensive, often relying on inefficient electric hot water systems that generate high amounts of climate pollution. Switching to an energy efficient hot water system will save you money and benefit the environment.

There’s never been a better time to replace your hot water system. The Victorian Government has added a further rebate to already generous subsidies. Households now have an opportunity to purchase an energy efficient hot water system at an upfront price that’s competitive with traditional systems. That means you’ll have low upfront costs, and immediate cost savings.

We want to make sure that communities in our town make the most of this opportunity, securing cost savings, reducing climate pollution, and creating a healthy electricity network, all at the same time.

Model type: REHP-CO2-315GL (315 enamel tank with Co2 natural refrigerant system)

A heat pump functions like an air conditioner in reverse. Instead of an inefficient electric heating element it uses heat pump technology to extract energy from the air to heat the water.

Five key points for the Reclaim CO2 heat pump

  • Up to five times more efficient than electric hot water tanks;
  • Smart controller to integrate with your household and optimize performance;
  • Pair it with solar PV for even greater cost savings: the heat pump is equivalent to a 4 kW battery storage system;
  • Reduces your water heating carbon emissions by up to 80% (100% is achievable if integrated with solar);
  • Product warranty of up to 15 years.

The Reclaim heat pump is a quiet system and the best performing heat pump in cooler climates like ours. It uses carbon dioxide, as a refrigerant, rather than toxic refrigerants.

To find out more about the Reclaim COHeat Pump click here to view the brochure

or visit the Reclaim Energy website.

Pricing will be made available at the webinar and will be updated here at a later date.

  1. Click to register your interest for a free no obligation discussion about your solar hot water needs.
  2. If you decide to go ahead you can click on Book a Home Visit and pay a Community fee of $50 to help Healesville CoRE with our community work.
  3. Reclaim Energy and Apricus installation partners will be in touch to arrange a free site inspection. A local plumber and electrician will conduct a site inspection and you’ll receive a quote.
  4. A local plumber and electrician will install your system.
  5. You can claim the relevant Government subsidies yourself or get help from the Reclaim Energy or Apricus rep who will assist you with the relevant government subsidies. OR one of our installers will take care of the subsidies for you. You can choose which way to do this.
  6. Your system is installed and you can sit back and enjoy low cost, low carbon, hot water.

View the Reclaim CO2 Heat Pump Brochure

View the Reclaim CO2 Heat Pump Website