Please complete our Community Survey and support Solar Energy for Healesviile

Healesville Community Renewable Energy Inc (Healesville CoRE) is very pleased to announce that we have partnered with Monash University’s Net Zero for Communities’ Team, through their Green Steps Program, to conduct a major Community Solar Energy Survey.

The survey will be active online from Friday 23 November to Friday 30 November 2018, after which the Monash students will collate the information and feedback to Healesville CoRE to assist in planning the Bulk Buy that will be run from February 2019.

The Survey is designed to help us  better understand three key areas of information:

  1. The current uptake of solar energy systems in Healesville and what people’s experience has been with the solar systems they have installed;
  2. The community’s interest in increasing the installation of solar energy systems and;
  3. The level of support in Healesville for a local micro grid (see below ♦) and a community energy retailer.

We are hoping that many residents will complete the survey so that we have a broad cross section of responses. This will help us to tailor an increased use of community solar energy to best meet the energy needs of the Healesville community; potentially through a micro grid and/or a community retailer.

The survey has been developed by three Monash students who have volunteered to help with supporting community energy programs.

Students, Angus Kennedy, Lachlan MacLean and Helen Mok bring a combination of relevant and highly skilled areas of academic learning to this project. Their disciplines include Science, specializing in Earth Science and Geographical Science; Commerce and Economics, specialising in Sustainability. They share a passion for renewable energy and keen desire to be part of the solution when it comes to better environmental outcomes.

Healesville CoRE is very grateful to have their combined expertise and enthusiastic support.

♦ A micro grid (or mini grid – click here for an easy to understand diagram of a mini grid from the Mondo information page) is a local energy system, which can function with or independently from conventional energy providers. Healesville’s proposed micro grid will draw energy from renewable solar only and will be used by all who participate in this. Energy can be traded. Yackandandah Victoria has its own mini grid. Click here for the public announcement.

Please complete our Community Survey and support Solar Energy for Healesviile