Healesville CoRE awarded ‘Environmental Achiever of the Year’ by Yarra Ranges Council at the 2022 Australia Day Awards

Would you like your environment group to join in the Yarra Valley & Yarra Ranges Environment Group Communication Network? You can find out more about the Network below, or simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page in order to join.

Healesville Community Renewable Energy Inc (Healesville CoRE), is a Healesville based environment and community energy group first established in late 2017 with the aim of providing community leadership to transition our town to Net Zero carbon from electricity consumption, by 2027.

What is the Environment Group Communication Network?

Healesville CoRE is keen to connect with voluntary environment groups in the Yarra Ranges Council area, which have an interest in one or more of the following:

  • The environment
  • Climate change
  • Conservation of nature
  • Land for Wildlife
  • Sustainable agriculture eg Permaculture
  • Renewable and/or community energy
  • Landcare
  • Nature trusts
  • Sustainability
  • Biodiversity
  • And groups with any other environmental interests

We are currently taking the initiative to develop a communication network with environment groups, to facilitate general communication on areas of mutual interest, particularly environmental issues. Our aim is that a more forceful and united voice can be developed to speak together, to the broader community and with Council and Government on environmental matters.

All of us are working in our own ways to increase awareness of the preciousness of our natural environment and of our biodiversity, and there has never in the history of the planet, been such a serious threat to our natural environment. Climate change, the demands of increasing populations worldwide, economic pressures and insufficient awareness and action by government and by the general population has resulted in serious environmental degradation and loss of biodiversity, which is continuing daily.

Why Create the Communication Network?

We in Healesville CoRE are reaching out to environment focused groups in the Yarra Ranges municipality with a view to exploring the possibility of complementing the great work that is already being done by volunteer groups, by providing an enhanced communication network between all our environment groups. The aim of this is to enable all groups to communicate together if and when they want to, on issues of mutual interest. The underlying reason is that the more contact, and the clearer the communication channels between groups, the more effective will be our work, our message and our outcomes as well as the possibility of providing mutual support to each other. There is also the possibility that from time to time we will share common goals that we wish to communicate to Council or to Government, and an effective communication channel might also enable and enhance this, if it is required.

How to Sign up your Environment Group for a Trial!

If your group would like to join the Yarra Valley & Yarra Ranges Environment Group Communication Network, Healesville CoRE has created a simple way to do so. All you have to do is go to the form below and fill out some details re your group and who will represent your group within the Network.

You will then have access to a closed forum for all those who register, to facilitate open and broader communication between groups, and the possibility of a newsletter for groups to communicate their messages to each other. Healesville CoRE will provide the means to communicate but will not lead. Each group will have equal rights to raise issues and questions in the forum and to respond to posts. However, Healesville CoRE will monitor the posts to ensure there is no misuse of the system, as can happen in social media.

Easy to Leave after a Trial.

If you find, after a period of time, that this communication network is not appropriate for your group, then you can simply request to be removed from the network.

We hope you will be interested in being part of this innovative communication network as a trial and that together we can find a way for it to meet our respective environment group communication needs across the municipality.

If you represent one of the group types listed above, and would like to join the Yarra Valley Environment Group Communication Network, please fill out and submit the form below.

Join the Yarra Valley Environment Group Communication Network

Display your organisation's name and email address in the Environment Groups' Forum directory? (The directory is only available to other forum participants when logged in, and not the general public.)