Save money on power bills and reduce the carbon footprint of your house

Healesville CoRE is participating in the Yarra Valley Community Power Hub (YV-CPHub) Heat Pump Hot Water Bulk Buy 2021. You can learn more about this offer, register to attend the online information session, or register your interest in a heat pump on the YV-CPHub website:

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Why install a heat pump?

Hot water heating in our region is expensive, often relying on inefficient electric hot water systems that generate high amounts of climate pollution. Switching to an energy efficient hot water system will save you money and benefit the environment.

A heat pump system is incredibly efficient at producing hot water for homes and businesses for less cost. It pairs extremely well with solar panels on your roof, so that while your panels are generating solar electricity, it is going directly to heat your water using the efficient heat pump system.

What brand and type of heat pump will be used?

For the latest tank sizes, prices and rebates please visit the Yarra Valley Community Power Hub site.

Visit the YV-CPHub website

A heat pump functions like an air conditioner in reverse. Instead of an inefficient electric heating element it uses heat pump technology to extract energy from the air to heat the water.

Five key points for the Reclaim CO2 heat pump

  • Up to five times more efficient than electric hot water tanks;
  • Smart controller to integrate with your household and optimize performance;
  • Pair it with solar PV for even greater cost savings: the heat pump is equivalent to a 4 kW battery storage system;
  • Reduces your water heating carbon emissions by up to 80% (100% is achievable if integrated with solar);
  • Product warranty of up to 15 years.

The Reclaim heat pump is a quiet system and the best performing heat pump in cooler climates like ours. It uses carbon dioxide, as a refrigerant, rather than toxic refrigerants.

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Visit the YV-CPHub website