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Achieving Zero Emissions in your home

Event Details

Would you like to save a heap of money on your energy bills without installing solar panels and solar hot water? Come along to this workshop to learn how?

Interested in adding solar panels and/or solar hot water to the mix to save even more money? That will be included!

Want to see actual energy saving products for your home? Come along to see them on display at this workshop!

Alan Pears, our Presenter, who got rave reviews at the previous event we ran with him in 2017, will outline all you need to know about minimizing your energy usage at home and significantly reducing your energy bills. Alan will help you to understand the very simple steps you can take to reduce energy consumption to eventually working towards creating your home as a Net Zero home – a home that has eliminated carbon production and reduced energy bills to the bare minimum.

Why send your hard-earned money to offshore investors who own your energy retailer when you can keep it in your own pocket?