Healesville CoRE Energy Revolution is here!

“Microgrids. Macro benefits.”


7.00pm to 9.00pm
This event will be run as an online webinar. Details to be provided on registration.

Free community event.

Launch of the Healesville Community Energy Hub with the Community Owned Energy Supply Company  – Indigo Power!

Learn how the whole community can benefit from community renewable energy and the Healesville Solar Farm!

Local community production & distribution of solar energy; community owned energy supply company; virtual micro grids sharing community energy! Healesville solar farm and Coldstream biochar; funding for community revolving funds and community energy groups; sign up for solar panels and batteries and solar hot water; community energy monitoring systems and more. The Healesville Energy Revolution is Here!!  



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Healesville CoRE AGM: Monday 7 September from 7.30 to 9.30pm

Healesville CoRE AGM: Monday 7 September from 7.30 to 9.30pm at the Darron Honey Centre, or by Webinar if Necessary!

It’s hard to believe another year has passed and we have our 2020 AGM coming up soon. Come and hear of the many activities we have undertaken in 2019/20, some of the issues we have faced and the successes that have come our way. We will also have an excellent guest speaker in the form of Simon Prunster, Energy and Emissions Specialist at Yarra Valley Water.

There will also be the necessary elections to fill committee positions. We need people to nominate for these positions as not all current committee members will be nominating for re-election. If you would like to know more about a particular role please get in contact with us by email to Elections will be held for:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Media Manager
  • Technical Manager
  • Community Engagement Manager
  • General Committee Member (2 positions)

Finding a new secretary or treasurer is particularly critical for us. Please give serious consideration to how you could contribute. We need you.

As noted above, this year we have invited Simon Prunster, Energy and Emissions Specialist at Yarra Valley Water, as guest speaker. Over the past 15 years, Simon has worked in the Australian energy industry in a diverse range of roles, from consulting for some of Australia’s largest commercial and industrial energy users in energy and carbon markets to developing a niche electricity management / retail service offering to medium sized commercial businesses. In his current role Simon provides strategic direction for the implementation of renewable energy and emissions reduction policies, programs and projects for Yarra Valley Water (including their award-winning waste-to-energy project ‘ReWaste’) and the wider Victorian water industry.

Simon will present a wide ranging talk on what Yarra Valley Water and the wider water industry are doing to address their emissions including some innovative and novel approaches to the problem.

We really need the active involvement of our community and welcome new members to engage in our very exciting project to transition Healesville to Net Zero carbon by 2027.

The 2020 Healesville Core AGM

September 7th, 2020 7:30 PM   through   9:30 PM

Darron Honey Centre (at the rear of the Uniting Church), Maroondah Hwy, Healesville


by Webinar if Covid-19 restrictions do not allow a face to face meeting


NB: THe AGM will be open to financial members of Healesville CoRe only

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View the Solar Hot Water Bulk Buy 2020 webinar

This is a video of Healesville CoRE’s first ever Webinar held on 23 June 2020!

We wanted to continue with our work for the Healesville and broader community despite the lockdown due to Covid-19.

The video features Glen Morris, our local solar energy guru talking about solar energy and solar hot water, followed by Chris Spencer from Reclaim Energy, speaking about the Reclaim Energy heat pump and the 2020 Healesville CoRE Community Hot Water Offer (Heat Pumps). Healesville CoRE’s President, Jeff Barlow, introduces the webinar and provides further information at the end.

We hope you find this, our first webinar, interesting and engaging.

For further information about our 2020 Community Solar Hot Water Offer please click here to find out how you can save money on your power bills and reduce the carbon footprint of your house. And don’t forget the no obligation Expression of Interest for a personal phone call about your hot water energy needs.


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Become a H’CoRE financial member for 2020-2021!

As a volunteer run organisation, Healesville CoRE depends on financial support from its membership base to continue operating. If you were a financial member in the 2019-2020 financial year, THANK YOU!!! We could not do the work we are doing without your loyalty and support.  The number of financial members we have listed assists us when we apply for grants, and membership fees you pay go toward the basic costs of running Healesville CoRE.

If you were a financial member last financial year, your membership expired on the 30th of June 2020, so it is now time to renew your membership for 2020-2021.

In case you missed the hype, Healesville CoRE ran an incentivised promotion for financial members who renewed their membership before the 30th of June.

It was a great success and featured 6 great prizes all donated by local businesses in Healesville, including a 6 pack of wines (from No.7 Healesville), 2 x boxes of mixed preserves (from Barney), and 3 jars of honey (from Amaranth Honey). A huge THANK YOU again to our generous prize donors!

Here is a list of the names we drew from the hat!

1ST PRIZE: (box wines): Lou Sbalchiero

2ND & 3RD PRIZE: (6-jar pack of preserves): Jon Sharpley & Vitor Cardoso

4TH, 5TH & 6TH PRIZES: (jar of honey): Bill Pickett, Lorraine Sorrell & Shayne Gleeson

Congrats to all the winners! If you’d like to become a financial member this financial year to go into the draw to win whatever prizes are available next year, become a financial member now!



We have been wanting to set up this page for a long time now, but it is only with recent Victorian Government funding, through Sustainability Victoria, that we have been able to afford to pay for the technical work to be done to set up the login, the members’ page, and the automated update links to our list of current members in our CRM system. Renew your membership now and stay tuned for when the Healesville CoRE Members’ Only Page is launched.


Membership for individuals is only $25 for the year, and goes a long way to supporting our operations and activities as we work towards making Healesville a zero-carbon town!

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Download our new Program of Free Community Events for 2020

Throughout 2020, Healesville CoRE will be holding its third series of free community events.

Please note that this program of events is being changed as the circumstances around the Covid-19 emergency unfold. We are committed to running our events as webinars instead of as face to face meetings. Please check this website for our current programs.

The goal of these events is to assist community members to better understand and more deeply engage with community based renewable energy power generation, methods to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and businesses, and to inform and advise on future community based renewable energy projects.

More specifically, these events focus on improving community awareness and knowledge on a range of topics, including: domestic solar panel installations, heat pump and solar based hot water systems, off grid solar battery storage, smart monitoring systems, small to medium scale solar farms, microgrids, and energy optimisation products for homes and businesses

Healesville CoRE is committed to reducing our community’s reliance on fossil fuel generated power whilst simultaneously saving our community members money on their energy costs.

FREE LIGHT REFRESHMENTS will be available at each event (if held at a venue rather than online).

Online registration is free, and will open 3 weeks prior to the date of each event on our event page on our website.



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OUR COMMUNITY EVENTS are on hold for now….

Despite a hugely successful first event of 2020 in March, due to the Covid-19 pandemic our events calender is on hold. We unfortunately had to cancel our event scheduled for May 7th, which was based around introducing the many and varied renewable energy water heating options available to help save you money by using far less electiricty. These include evacuated tubes, heat pumps, storage tanks and gas or electric backup systems.

The event was also scheduled to feature the launch of a Community Solar Hot Water Bulk Buy Program. With many community members already enjoying the benefits of our 2019 bulk buy scheme of the same type, we were excited to launch this and sad to have to put it on hold temporarily. We are still working with the company supplying the product (Reclaim Energy) for the bulk buy program and are hoping to be able to launch this as soon as possible and practical. If you need a new efficient hot water system and can afford to wait, WATCH THIS SPACE for a good deal on a great product coming soon.

CLICK HERE  for further information on the bulk buy program and our cancelled Solar Hot Water Bulk Buy event that was due to be held on May 7th. 

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Healesville Community Bank Low Interest Solar Loan

The Healesville Community (Bendigo) Bank has been an active supporter of Healesville CoRE since our beginning prior to our first community gathering in June 2017! In fact, members of the bank board worked with the Healesville CoRE Steering Group to help get us started, and their help, their community connections and their active financial support were essential and very much appreciated.

The Chair of the Healesville Community Bank Board, Bruce Argyle, has written to Healesville CoRE to advise of their ongoing support:

“The Healesville Community Bank Board has prioritised partnership with Healesville CoRE for the coming years as we support your initiative to become a net zero emissions town.”

Finance Options from the Healesville Community Bank for Installation of Solar Equipment

  1. For new Bendigo Bank customers or those willing to refinance then the bank can include solar fixtures, similar to ‘renovations/household improvements’, subject to meeting serviceability requirements, at the current Connect 3 Product rate of 3.89% interest.
  2. For existing Bendigo Bank customers, they can do a redraw on their existing mortgage facility at the same interest rate as the mortgage (or less) and it is suggested that customers come into the branch to chat about what the bank can do for you.
  3. For secured personal loans the bank can finance solar fixtures at 6.59% interest currently, with some Manager discretion possible, for 1-5 or 7 years’ term.
  4. For unsecured personal loans we can finance solar fixtures at 10.99% interest currently, with some Manager discretion possible, for 1-5 or 7 years term.
      1. *All interest rates are subject to change.

The Victorian Government is investing significant amounts of money in financing solar installations for households, including batteries, and for rental properties, and these grants will be announced in the coming months. With these grants, if you are eligible, combined with low interest loans and continuing decreases in the costs of solar panels and batteries, there has never been a better time to invest in solar energy for your home.

Interested persons are strongly encouraged to have a conversation with Healesville Bendigo Bank Branch Manager, Rosanna Miguel, to ensure that the bank is providing the most competitive possible package. If you are quoted a better rate elsewhere then get in touch with your local bank – the Healesville Community Bank.



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Monash University Green Steps Program

Healesville CoRE was very excited to be chosen by Monash University as part of the University’s community outreach program. Monash University is moving towards creating a Net Zero carbon status across all their campuses. They have set themselves a target of Net Zero carbon emissions by 2030 and have already installed a range of energy efficiencies, as well as renewable energy production, storage and distribution at their Clayton campus, including a huge container sized battery!

Their charter includes using the information and experience they obtain from their own projects to assist the broader community. And Healesville CoRE is fortunate and proud to have been chosen as a partner.

Connected with this community outreach, the Monash University Net Zero Initiative team has established a ‘Green Steps’ program to enable some of their students to volunteer to assist communities like Healesville, interested in also achieving a Net Zero carbon status.

At the end of 2018, three student volunteers were chosen by the Net Zero Initiative team to work with Healesville CoRE to assist us in working towards our goals for the Healesville community. Their Project Consultancy Brief was to:

“Help the community of Healesville with their first project towards achieving a Net Zero emissions town: a Solar Bulk Buy scheme …; planning and implementing the community engagement strategy for the long-term success of the Solar Bulk Buy scheme and other Net Zero Projects.”

The three students worked in conjunction with the Healesville CoRE Central Committee to produce three pieces of work:

  1. Research the best practice re community engagement strategies for bulk buys used by other communities and in consultation with Healesville CoRE make recommendations for a community engagement strategy for Healesville and produce a report on this.
  2. In consultation with Healesville CoRE, design and run a Community Solar Survey to assist Healesville CoRE to better understand the take up of solar energy in Healesville in the past and what future community intentions are and to analyse the survey results for Healesville CoRE.
  3. To help Healesville CoRE produce a brochure on ‘How you can make a difference!” designed to provide basic information on energy efficiency and solar energy which could be used for the Healesville Community.

The Healesville CoRE Central Committee provided a lot of support for the students and was very pleased with the collaboration and with the outcome. The Committee invited the students to present their report at the last Committee meeting for 2018 and the President, Jeff Barlow, presented all students with a Certificate of Appreciation and a small gift of Yarra Valley produce, which they were delighted to receive.

It is hoped that each year Healesville CoRE might participate in the Green Steps program as the consultation and work done by the students is of great benefit to them and to the Healesville community.

See here for the Green Steps Sustainability Consultancy Project Brief
See here for the Green Steps Healesville Community Survey Report
See her for the Net Zero For Communities Final Report

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Healesville Net Zero Town Project

Healesville Net Zero Town Project – 2018’
The ambition of Healesville CoRE is to transition our town to net zero emissions and create greater energy independence for Healesville. The broader objective is for the community to feel empowered to have more control and ownership over the production, distribution and storage of the town’s renewable energy

What was the Healesville Net Zero Town Project & Why Was it Created?
In 2017, Healesville CoRE partnered with Monash University’s Net Zero Initiative and the Yarra Ranges Council to apply for a New Energy Jobs Fund Grant from the Victorian Government, to create a feasibility study and transition plan for Healesville to become a Net Zero Town. Although our team was shortlisted and went to interview for the grant, our application was ultimately not successful.

Nevertheless, Monash University offered to create a ‘pro bono’ project for Healesville CoRE, with two students to undertake an Options Study, supervised by Dr Roger Dargaville (Senior Lecturer in Monash’s Department of Civil Engineering) and Dr Yasmina Dkhissi, the Monash University Net Zero Strategy Manager.

Luke Barry and Nick Seymour, both Monash University Environmental Engineering students, were selected to do the research and provide a report. Their work commenced in March 2018 and was completed in June 2018, with a written report and a presentation on 21st June 2018, at the Healesville CoRE first anniversary community gathering at the Memo in Healesville: ‘Our Solar town: from dreams to reality”.

Why was Monash Motivated to Establish this Program?
According to Dr Yasmina Dkhissi, “Monash Uni through its Net Zero Initiative is committed to Climate Action, Leadership and Partnerships. Monash Uni is transforming its own infrastructure and assets to transition to net zero emissions by 2030 and building an innovative,100% renewable powered Microgrid on its Clayton campus.

Monash is committed to creating a positive impact beyond the campus boundaries and helping community organisations embarking on similar journeys.

Monash sees Healesville Net Zero town as the perfect opportunity to promote collaborative and innovative approaches to solving today’s great sustainability challenges. It allows Monash students to apply and further their skills and knowledge on an interdisciplinary ‘real-word’ challenge being driven by a local community group, supported to find practical solutions that will benefit the region and beyond. If this project could help enable collaborations with local industry partners, we strongly believe that this would constitute one great step towards achieving Healesville CoRE’s vision.”

Healesville CoRE was excited to work with such a professional team willing to support a group of community volunteers in achieving our big ambition of a Net Zero Town by 2027. The final report provided by Nick Seymour and Luke Barry provides us with a secure foundation and a direction for our project.

Healesville Net Zero Town Project – Scope (March 2018)
Healesville Net Zero Town Report – July 2018

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