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About Us

Our short-term aim is to stimulate and organise the uptake of community solar electricity and solar hot water for Healesville residents, businesses and not for profits. The longer-term aim is to enable Healesville to produce more energy than it consumes, thus becoming a NetZero town. Our volunteers aim to achieve the best possible outcomes for both the environment and the people of Healesville.

Alone there is little we can do. Collectively, we have much more power, and when a community has leadership to bring us together, to engage with the issues, to guide and support, and to help find solutions, suddenly we begin to see how it is that big things can grow from small beginnings. The key however is in the collective impact – what we can do as a community and as a country when we all pull together.

Our Vision Statement

We see Healesville as a conscious and resilient community that provides all its own energy – renewable and affordable.

Our Mission Statement

Healesville Community Renewable Energy will engage and empower the local community to be energy efficient and increase production and use of renewable energy. Through partnerships, commitment to the environment and social equity, we will lower carbon emissions and retain money in the community. By working with the community on renewable energy, we will strengthen environmental and economic sustainability whilst building community resilience.

Will you help us achieve our vision? Get involved!