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Renew Your Membership

Healesville CoRE Membership Renewal Form


Please complete this form if you are RENEWING your current membership with Healesville CoRE, for the 2022-2023 financial year.

If you are a NEW MEMBER wanting to sign up, please go to the NEW MEMBER page HERE

By renewing your membership, you agree to continue to abide by the Healesville CoRE Association Rules. A copy of the rules can be viewed HERE.


Please select to renew one of the following 3 Membership Categories: Associate membership (14 years old and under), Individual membership, or Business membership (for Business membership, please check the box "I am contributing on behalf of an organisation").

Total Amount
On Behalf Of Organization
Keep your contact details up to date:

Membership renewal is a good time to check we have your contact details up to date. If there are any fields missing here, or if any details are not correct, please update. 

Street number and address only
Add additional address info here e.g. Unit 1, Building name etc