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Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners

Reverse cycle air conditioning in a nutshell

Living in Australia affords us one of the best climates in the world…long hot summers and comparatively mild winters, although we have all experienced the super-chilly days and nights on occasion, particularly if you live in the southern states.

Unlike dedicated Heating or Cooling units, reverse cycle air conditioning units are used to cool your home in summer, AND warm your home in winter, all with one energy-efficient unit. It’s that simple! It’s also one of the most efficient ways to heat your home using electricity.

How it Works

When in heating mode, the unit works in the opposite way to cooling, in that it draws heat in from the air outside before distributing it around the room. A refrigerant is passed through an external coil, absorbing heat from the outside air which is then pumped through a compressor into a fan coil unit inside the home, releasing heat into the room. It doesn’t have to be warm outside for the unit to do this, as it can perform this function even in freezing conditions.

Why should you choose Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning?

They’re warm in winter

Reverse cycle air conditioners differ from conventional gas or portable electric heaters because they “absorb” heat from the outdoor air to warm the air inside, rather than “creating” heat energy, making them extremely efficient.

They’re cool in summer

The reverse cycle air conditioning unit absorbs heat from the inside air and dissipates it outside, leaving your home cooler, as simple as flicking a switch. Modern technology means your air conditioning unit can cool your home in temperatures as high as 46ºC! Forget fans! You won’t need them.

They really are efficient

Reverse cycle air conditioners are efficient in terms of energy use, cost over time, are efficient in heating and cooling, providing homeowners one of the most efficient means of heating and cooling their homes. As electricity prices continue to rise, air conditioner efficiency is becoming increasingly important. In extreme conditions, for example, one kW of electricity consumed, will generate three or more kW of heating or cooling.

They’re adaptable and flexible

Many of the reverse cycle air conditioning units on the market today come with thermostats and advanced inverter technology, which means they’re able to adapt to the temperature and condition of the room. Inverter technology helps to deliver one of the most energy efficient ways to heat and cool your home using electricity. Unlike a conventional air conditioner’s on/off operation, inverter technology works like the accelerator of a car, gently adjusting power to reach the desired temperature faster, then steadily maintaining it without fluctuations, for uninterrupted comfort and more efficient operation.

You only pay once

A particular advantage of installing a reverse cycle system is that you only pay once for a unit that performs two functions. All you need to do is change the unit’s mode to switch between cooling for those summer months and heating to quickly warm your home in the chilly winter months.

Some Aussies actually live in an environment where they could use the heater one day and the cooler the next. So having a reverse cycle system could help make your home’s heating and cooling expenses much more efficient.

Less noise equals greater comfort

While we can focus on the heating and cooling of our homes, our overall comfort should also be considered. Operating noise levels can also have an impact on comfort levels. Manufacturers of reverse cycle air conditioning systems are investing in, and developing technology to reduce operating noise across their units, maximising a family’s comfort at every level.

They help purify the air

Dust and smoke be gone! Daikin Reverse cycle air conditioning systems don’t just heat or cool your home, some split systems can actually purify the air inside it. Many systems feature a built-in air-purifying filter that traps fine airborne particles, helping you purify the air inside your home.

Some even decompose odours, and absorb and deactivate bacteria and viruses. Considering Australia has one of the highest rates of asthma in the world, as well as high levels of hayfever and other allergies, this is an unexpected advantage of a reverse cycle system and can make it an important factor when considering your growing family’s needs, not just in terms of heating or cooling, but in terms of health.

The Daikin series of Air Conditioners on offer also have Enzyme blue deodorising air purification filters that traps microscopic particles, decomposes odours and even deactivates bacteria.

Better for the environment

Here’s another fantastic advantage to choosing a reverse cycle air conditioner. These systems tend to produce only one third the greenhouse gas emissions of standard electric heaters. Less greenhouse gas emissions means a happier planet.

Why did we choose Air Fusion?

With their extensive experience, being local as well as employing local, it Air Fusion was a logical choice for our Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Bulk Buy.

Both Directors, Peter Krohn & Aaron Moloney founded Air Fusion in 2014 after both having spent the previous decade in the corporate world as Managers with Multi-National companies.

Living locally in Research & Wattle Glen, both Aaron and Peter enjoy spending their free time supporting various sporting clubs, being a major sponsor of the Eltham Wildcats, and thoroughly enjoy the local down to earth life their communities offer.

Air Fusion came together as Aaron and Peter could see the shift away from natural gas and evaporative cooling systems focussing on utilising energy efficient products.

Each quote is attended to personally, and they pride themselves on being on time and available.

Their showroom showcased leading brands that offer exceptional customer service and back up. We have a choice of 30+ brands, but honestly find Daikin market leaders in front and back end components.

Air Fusion has a real family feel. The showroom is manned 6 days per week, with the coordination of their fabulous locally residing installation team running smooth as clock-work.

A little bit more about Aaron Moloney

Aaron has spent 30 yrs within the HVAC industries working through an apprenticeship locally in Nunawading and had spent several years working in the UK as an air-conditioning technician with major brands such as Daikin.

A little bit more about Peter Krohn

Peter has an accounting background, working with some large National companies within the plumbing sector and has a keen eye for making homes energy efficient and walking clients through the steps to getting off the gas network with alternative solutions.

Why Daikin Cora Series?

From fantastic cooling capacity to reliability and efficiency, Daikin air conditioners tick all the boxes.

Fantastic Cooling Capacity

Daikin air conditioners are good at their job and have a significant cooling capacity. It can provide immediate cooling even when it is 37 degrees centigrade outside.

Durable Parts

Daikin air conditioners are equipped with durable and sturdy parts. Therefore, regardless of how often you use them or how hot it is outside, you will not have to worry about the different parts collapsing.


For most of the part, Daikin is a name you can rely on. The same applies to its products. They are well-built and sturdily made. Thus, you don’t have to worry about it breaking down in the middle of a scorching summer day.

Low Maintenance Cost

As durable and reliable as Daikin products are, they don’t weigh heavy on your pockets for maintenance costs. If anything, they have comparatively low maintenance requirements. Even their parts are not too expensive.

Global Market

Daikin has one of the largest markets around the globe, which means they are readily available. So, if you are looking for a particular model, you will easily find them.

Quality For Price

Daikin provides the best at the price they offer. They have quality air conditioners, with durable parts and great features, all at the right price.


Along with its fast cooling features, Daikin air conditioners work extremely efficiently. They are great for power saving and work on the latest technologies to bring you and your family comfort.

Easy Servicing

As they are far reached, you will easily find Daikin service centers near you. This makes servicing a comfortable breeze. As for the parts, they are readily available too. Even if the warranty expires, Daikin technicians can help you find spare parts easily.

A Long-Term Investment

It is true that at first glance, Daikin will seem a bit expensive. However, it is a long-term investment if you look at the bigger picture. You will be investing in durable, energy-saving, and efficient air conditioners that will go on for years to come with the proper maintenance at the given cost.

Good Reputation

Lastly, Daikin enjoys a good reputation in the market and has significant clients around the world. For example, you will find public places, such as shopping malls and cinema halls equipped with Daikin air conditioners.

Why R32 refrigerant is important for the environment

R32 is a single component refrigerant, meaning it is easier to reuse and to recycle. It is also relatively inexpensive to produce, is easier to handle because it doesn’t separate and utilises familiar technology, keeping costs similar.

R32 also has a lower toxicity, which is good for both human health and the wider environment. It is less flammable, making it a safer alternative. It has a high energy efficiency, so will not increase your energy bills.



“We were pleased to deal with Airfusion and are very happy with the unit and completed job. Aaron was lovely and easy to work with – professional, knew his stuff, easy to talk to, nice to our kids, and we felt we could trust his advice and service.

The job was done as described, the guys cleaned up, and they clearly put effort into the placement of the vents. We are impressed at how level and straight the two high vents in our lounge room are, as we know how little space there is in the ceiling!

We were keen to support a local business and we will definitely recommend Airfusion to our friends.”

Montmorency Sth P.S

“The installation of the air conditioners for the basketball stadium hall and Performing Arts area has been completed by Air Fusion from Eltham.

They were most professional in their approach to the school and the way they have liaised with the school and School Council. I can highly recommend them and assembly this week was a much ‘cooler’ affair.”



updated 05/09/23
Brand & RangeModelCooling Capacity kWHeating Capacity
(Coefficient of Performance
) **
Outdoor EPA Sound Pwr Level[H]
Energy (Efficiency Rating
) ***
Customer Installed Price
Daikin CORA 2.5kwFTXV25WVMA2.53.25.0059 cool
60 heat
5.10$2,400 inc gst
Daikin CORA 3.5kwFTXV35WVMA3.53.74.8161 cool
61 heat
4.32$2,600 inc gst *
Daikin CORA 5.0kwFTXV50WVMA5.06.04.6259 cool
60 heat
4.39$3,200 inc gst
Daikin CORA 6.0KWFTXV60WVMA6.07.24.4261 cool
64 heat
3.95$3,500 inc gst
Daikin CORA 7.1kwFTXV71WVMA7.18.04.2665 cool
66 heat
3.68$3,800 inc gst
Daikin XL PREM 8.5kwFTXM85PAVMA8.59.03.7266 cool
68 heat
3.47$4,200 inc gst
Daikin XL PREM9.4kwFTXM95PAVMA9.410.33.3666 cool
67 heat
3.42$4,800 inc gst

This pricing based on b2b install (4m of pipe or less) outdoor unit on ground, no switchboard upgrades required


** Coefficient of Performance (COP) is the efficiency ratio of the amount of heating or cooling provided by a heating or cooling unit to the energy consumed by the system. The higher the Coefficient of Performance the more efficient the system.

*** The more stars on the Energy Rating Label, the more energy efficient the appliance is. Efficient appliances use less electricity to achieve the same level of performance of similar models with the same size or capacity. The more energy efficient a model, the less energy it will use and the less it will cost you to run.


Some installations may incur additional costs, for items such as pipe and brackets, double-storey installs, etc.

Product or serviceInstalled price per unit
Pipe per metre over 4m (2.0-3.5kw)$30 inc gst per metre
Pipe per metre over 4m (4.6-6.0kw)$40 inc gst per metre
Pipe per metre over 4m (7.1-9.4kw)$50 inc gst per metre
Wall bracket$50 inc
Roof bracket$250 inc
Double story install (2.0-3.5kw)$200 inc
Double story install (4.6-7.1kw)$250 inc
Double story install (8.5-9.4kw)$300 inc
Condensate pump / ASPEN$350 inc
Electrical RCBO – Allowing for free space within switchboardIncluded
Electrical – Sub board Module$150 inc
DAIKIN / MITS WIFI D-Mobile – Installed$250 inc


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