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Healesville Community Renewable Energy has achieved amazing things since the first huge town meeting in 2017. And it’s all been done  with a great team of community volunteers who have  committed to work towards achieving our goal of accelerating the transition to renewable energy in Healesville. There are many ways volunteers can get involved, such as training to become a home energy efficiency advisor, helping out at events or market stalls, admin/IT/bookkeeping support, or simply by spreading the word about Healesville Community Renewable Energy

Our volunteers  join Healesville Community Renewable Energy for a wide variety of reasons which can be different for everyone:

  • To become part of a powerful movement for change in renewable energy in Healesville.
  • To support action to reduce global warming: think globally and act locally!
  • To connect with other like-minded people in our community and to meet others interested in social action for meaningful change.
  • To make a meaningful contribution to others by assisting households and businesses in our community to improve energy efficiencies to lower the cost of energy bills.

Would you like to join our very active and energetic group of volunteers? We certainly could use your help. Please contact us and we will get in touch with you. You decide on your time commitment

 Volunteering can actually be very satisfying!

If you are interested in learning about our work and engaging with the Healesville community, get in touch and let’s talk about your interests and our needs! This is very enjoyable and fulfilling work.

Note: A condition of volunteering is that a Volunteer must be a Financial Member of Healesville Community Renewable Energy, so that they are covered by our health and safety policies, child safe policies, insurance, etc. If you are not already a member, you are still most welcome to submit this form, and we will ask you to join up before you commence volunteering with us.