Making Our Homes More Comfortable While Saving Money and the Environment

“No solar? No problem.”

Saturday August 8th

10.30am to 12.00pm

This face to face event is now being run as an online webinar on the same date and at the same time with the same speakers. 

This is a free community event.

Most homes and work places in Australia are not well designed for our
harsh climate and so tend to get blisteringly hot in summer and
freezing cold in winter. This, combined with substantial increases in
national energy prices recently, means it can cost a small fortune to
heat or cool your home or business just to maintain comfortable
living conditions.

This workshop will detail a series of simple, cost effective steps you
can use to become more energy efficient in your home or at work. We
will be focusing on pragmatic, needs based solutions aimed at
reducing your personal energy consumption. We will discuss the tips
and techniques that will have the greatest impact on your energy
costs, look at a range of methods you can use to stay comfortable
during the cooler and warmer months, and talk about the positive
effect increasing our energy efficiency has on the environment.

Guest Speakers:

Alan Pears AM – Senior Industry Fellow RMIT, Fellow Climate & Energy College University of Melbourne,
Former RMIT lecturer and home energy efficiency
consultant, Alan has worked in the sustainable energy and
environment field since the late 1970’s with community groups,
government departments and the private sector. He has written widely
across the media spectrum and is a published academic. Alan was
made a Member of the Order of Australia in 2009 for his contribution to
environmental and energy policy.

Glenn Newman – home energy efficiency expert from Enviroshop
specialising in solutions for renters and home owners. Includes a 10%
discount on all Enviroshop products featured at this event.



Healesville CoRE is able to run this event due to the generous help of a Yarra Ranges Council’s Community Grant.