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Our Achievements

We are quite proud of our achievements over the past few years. Since 2017 we have:

  • Run a series of four or five free community events each year, which focus on promoting renewable energy options, saving the community money on their energy costs, and reducing Healesville’s carbon footprint.
  • Set up bulk buy programs to encourage our residents to install solar systems, heat pumps and even purchase electric vehicles.
  • Trained volunteers to provide a Home Efficiency Advisory Service, which enables residents to save money on heating and cooling costs
  • Set up a Revolving Fund to install solar panels on not-for-profit buildings in Healesville, which ensures ongoing community benefits
  • Established the Yarra Valley Community Power Hub, and with a substantial grant from Sustainability Victoria employed paid staff to support several community energy groups in the area

You can read further about all these projects and much more, further on.

Community energy is about communities taking control of their energy consumption and production, but to achieve this vision we need your help! We need people who care enough about taking action on the climate change crisis to lend their skills and time. Let’s take control of our future!