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Community Events

Healesville Community Renewable Energy regularly holds free community events.

Join us at our AGM

Our 2023 Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday 16th October from 7:30pm to 9:00pm at the Darren Honey Centre, Healesville. We would love to see you there. Please register so we know you are coming.

Past event: Small steps can make a difference

We are happy to share our wonderful webinar, “Small Steps CAN Make a Difference”, which was presented on May 10 2023.
We’re all aware of Climate Change and the impact it has on our Community. Speaking with our Community, we at Healesville CoRE found that many people were not sure how they could help combat Climate Change within their own community. The key purpose of our Webinar is to show you that even the “smallest steps CAN make a difference”
The video features a panel of community members who have utilised many of the opportunities afforded to them by Healesville CoRE and how those opportunities have made a difference in their own homes, as well as with home energy efficiency expert Lucinda Flynn and Amy Gregorovich from Yarra Ranges Council talking about Community Microgrids.
This video fixes the audio issue that the original contained.

Past event: Home Energy Efficiency Webinar facilitated by the Yarra Valley Community Power Hub.

This video discusses ways to make your home more energy efficient all year round. You will learn about Practical Home Energy Efficiency, how to be warm in winter and cool in summer, saving money and the planet at the same time. Practical Home Energy Efficiency Get a better understanding of how your home uses energy, and how your family can be more comfortable in both summer and winter. Learn a variety of ways to make your house more energy efficient – from low-cost, practical DIY techniques to bigger picture upgrades. Discover the most energy efficient heating, cooling and hot water options, and a range of government rebates and incentives you may be eligible for (these may have changed since 01/07/2023). Our presenter, Lucinda Flynn, works in the field of home energy efficiency and is a Scorecard Assessor. She ran the training program set up by the Yarra Valley Community Power Hub at Box Hill Institute, to train volunteers to work as community based home energy advisors. Lucinda will focus on all aspects of creating an energy efficient home.