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Home Energy Efficiency Upgrade Products

Free Energy Upgrade Service!

Upgrade your lights! Banish draughts! Monitor your energy use! And more!

Thanks to the Victorian Government Home Energy Upgrade Program you can have a qualified and registered person visit your home to upgrade inefficient energy fittings. They will assess what you currently have and, as appropriate, provide and install free LED lights, draught strips for external doors, draft excluders for exhaust fans, and an energy monitor.

What is the energy monitor?

The energy monitor is installed on your current meter as well as an app (computer or phone) so that you can monitor your energy consumption in real time.

We are using the respected and approved company Homelab to offer you this service. This is a free service organised by Healesville Community Renewable Energy as a service to our community.

Register now for this absolutely free service – free fittings and free installation.

How Does This Service Work?

Once you register for this service an installer from Homelab will contact you within 72 hours (Monday to Friday) to clarify what you already have installed within your home, ascertain what items they will need to bring with them, and make an appointment that suits you. Remember, everything is paid for by the Victorian Government. As part of their service, they will install draft excluders to two external doors!

Homelab does have about five additional products that are not on the free list and you can choose to pay for these if you require them. There is no obligation to purchase any product!

Register your interest in the free home energy upgrade service

How many bedrooms are there in the house?

If you are not a member, we will ask you to make a small donation as a one-off fee.

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