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UPCOMING FREE COMMUNITY EVENT ON MAY 7TH: Solar Hot Water and The Healesville Community Solar Hot Water Bulk Buy!

On the back of a hugely successful first event of 2020 in March, we would like to extend an invitation to join us for an informative evening introducing the many and varied renewable energy water heating options. Types of systems discussed will include evacuated tubes, heat pumps, storage tanks and gas or electric backup systems.

This event will also feature the launch of our Community Solar Hot Water Bulk Buy. With many community members now enjoying the benefits of our 2019 bulk buy scheme, we are proud to reintroduce it for 2020.

Presenters at our solar hot water event:

  • Industry expert Glenn Morris from SolarQuip will update us on the latest technologies in solar electricity and solar hot water systems.
  • Reclaim Energy – Solar hot water bulk buy supplier who will explain the details of the bulk buy offer we are running for the Healesville area and its surrounding communities, including how you can get involved.

CLICK HERE  for further event information