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OUR COMMUNITY EVENTS are on hold for now….

Despite a hugely successful first event of 2020 in March, due to the Covid-19 pandemic our events calender is on hold. We unfortunately had to cancel our event scheduled for May 7th, which was based around introducing the many and varied renewable energy water heating options available to help save you money by using far less electiricty. These include evacuated tubes, heat pumps, storage tanks and gas or electric backup systems.

The event was also scheduled to feature the launch of a Community Solar Hot Water Bulk Buy Program. With many community members already enjoying the benefits of our 2019 bulk buy scheme of the same type, we were excited to launch this and sad to have to put it on hold temporarily. We are still working with the company supplying the product (Reclaim Energy) for the bulk buy program and are hoping to be able to launch this as soon as possible and practical. If you need a new efficient hot water system and can afford to wait, WATCH THIS SPACE for a good deal on a great product coming soon.

CLICK HERE  for further information on the bulk buy program and our cancelled Solar Hot Water Bulk Buy event that was due to be held on May 7th.