Want an energy efficient home? Attend our upcoming event on April 22nd!

Making Our Homes More Comfortable While Saving Money and the Environment

“No solar? No problem!”

Thursday 22 Apr 7pm to 9pm

Darron Honey Centre (rear of Uniting Church), Maroondah Hwy, Healesville

Event will be face-to-face and also run online as a webinar!

Online registration required

Most homes and workplaces in Australia are not well designed for our harsh climate: blisteringly hot in summer and freezing cold in winter. With the rising price of electricity, it can cost a small fortune to heat and cool our homes and businesses.

Registration for this event will open three weeks prior to the event.

This workshop will detail a series of simple, cost effective steps we can all use to become more energy efficient in day-to-day life. We will be focusing on pragmatic, needs-based solutions aimed at reducing our individual energy consumption and reducing energy bills.

FREE LIGHT REFRESHMENTS will be available at each face-to-face event

Guest Speakers:

  • Alan Pears AM – Former RMIT lecturer and home energy efficiency consultant, Alan has worked in the sustainable energy and environment field since the late 1970’s with community groups, government departments and the private sector. He has written widely across the media spectrum and is a published academic. Alan was made a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in 2009 for his contribution to environmental and energy policy.
  • Glen Newman – home energy efficiency expert from Enviroshop will be joining us to discuss a range of his most popular and efficient products and methods of saving money and the planet in our homes.

The event is planned to be run as a face to face event, and we are also now running the event as a live online webinar! We hope that this will make the event more accessible to people in other parts of our fine district. If you dont live in Healesville, or are interested in attended our upcoming event from the comfort of your own home, this is now an option!

The invitation to attend in person remains open, our great line-up of speakers will be presenting in person at the event for those who want to be part of the live audience. However there will also be cameras rolling in the background capturing the event and streaming it live on Zoom for those who would like to view and participate remotely!

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Camping with Grandad on the Mobile!!

Our President, Jeff Barlow, wrote the following:

I was at home on my own last Sunday night, as I have been for the last 6 weeks during the COVID-19 lockdown and the night curfew, when I received a text message with a photo of a tent, followed soon afterwards with a night photo of a Ringtail Possum. The text said: “We saw a possum!” I was puzzled, but a few minutes later I received a video call from my grandchildren, aged 8 and 6, very excited about the 8 possums they had seen, shouting out about 2 Ringtails and 6 Brushtails and one Ringtail with a baby on its back. Much excitement and a lot of black video with the phone camera pointed up to the black sky with nothing visible.

“I can’t see anything!” I said, and the reply was, “I’m sorry. It’s too dark to video the possum.” And there followed much excited chatter telling me they were on school holidays and had gone camping in their back yard with Mum & Dad and their dog, Molly, who was not allowed in the tent so had gone back to her kennel. It was difficult erecting the tent, I was told, as the pegs would not go through the concrete path, so they had to be inventive. The wood fire was burning to keep them warm and dinner, now over, had been fish and salad. And this camping was not just for one night, I was told, but three nights camping in their new tent with a separate room for the kids!! Wow! I was infected with their enthusiasm and was feeling the excitement.

With the video I saw the tent and the fire and the faces of my two lovely grandchildren and their parents, and everyone was very happy and excited. I felt included and my loneliness dispersed as I felt connected with everyone out camping in the back yard, with me included, even though I was sitting in my living room in Healesville and they were on the Mornington Peninsular. Such a simple thing to do. Just a phone call. A video button. But with modern technology the barrier of distance was erased, and we could be together in a warm and loving way. I decided to call this ‘Camping with Grandad on the mobile!’  Such joy in such difficult and tragic times.

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Download our Annual Report for the 2019 – 2020 financial year!


Our 2020 Annual Report is designed to be read in your PDF reader using “Two page view” and we recommend you change your settings to enable this.

Please follow this easy process when viewing our 2020 Annual Report on your computer:

1 – Click on the link below. It will likely open in a new tab or page in your browser and show you a preview.

2 – Select download icon, and save the file to your computer. Once file is downloaded, open it by double clicking on the file.

3 – The Annual Report should open using a PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is free software you likely already have installed. If you do not have this, download Adobe Reader for free HERE, and continue these steps.

3 – Once the Annual Report 2020 has opened in your PDF reader (such as Adobe Acrobat), click on ‘View’ in the menu bar at the top, then click ‘Page Display’ from the drop down menu and ensure ‘2 Page View’ is selected. If you have a Mac, click on ‘View’, and select ‘2 pages’ from the menu that drops down if using the Preview software. See below for visual instructions.

Download our Annual Report for 2019 – 2020 financial year in PDF format HERE.

Here is a visual guide on how to change your PDF Reader software for 2 page viewing in Adobe Acrobat:


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Healesville CoRE AGM: Monday 7 September from 7.30 to 9.30pm

Healesville CoRE AGM: Monday 7 September from 7.30 to 9.30pm at the Darron Honey Centre, or by Webinar if Necessary!

It’s hard to believe another year has passed and we have our 2020 AGM coming up soon. Come and hear of the many activities we have undertaken in 2019/20, some of the issues we have faced and the successes that have come our way. We will also have an excellent guest speaker in the form of Simon Prunster, Energy and Emissions Specialist at Yarra Valley Water.

There will also be the necessary elections to fill committee positions. We need people to nominate for these positions as not all current committee members will be nominating for re-election. If you would like to know more about a particular role please get in contact with us by email to Elections will be held for:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Media Manager
  • Technical Manager
  • Community Engagement Manager
  • General Committee Member (2 positions)

Finding a new secretary or treasurer is particularly critical for us. Please give serious consideration to how you could contribute. We need you.

As noted above, this year we have invited Simon Prunster, Energy and Emissions Specialist at Yarra Valley Water, as guest speaker. Over the past 15 years, Simon has worked in the Australian energy industry in a diverse range of roles, from consulting for some of Australia’s largest commercial and industrial energy users in energy and carbon markets to developing a niche electricity management / retail service offering to medium sized commercial businesses. In his current role Simon provides strategic direction for the implementation of renewable energy and emissions reduction policies, programs and projects for Yarra Valley Water (including their award-winning waste-to-energy project ‘ReWaste’) and the wider Victorian water industry.

Simon will present a wide ranging talk on what Yarra Valley Water and the wider water industry are doing to address their emissions including some innovative and novel approaches to the problem.

We really need the active involvement of our community and welcome new members to engage in our very exciting project to transition Healesville to Net Zero carbon by 2027.

The 2020 Healesville Core AGM

September 7th, 2020 7:30 PM   through   9:30 PM

Darron Honey Centre (at the rear of the Uniting Church), Maroondah Hwy, Healesville


by Webinar if Covid-19 restrictions do not allow a face to face meeting


NB: THe AGM will be open to financial members of Healesville CoRe only

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Healesville CoRE Takes the Lead in Developing an Integrated Online Admin System for Not for Profit Groups

A major problem for not for profit voluntary groups is how to centralize their administration systems – no centralized email system or document storage, no centralized data base and no automated membership registration system etc. The sort of thing that most larger organizations just take for granted! And with individual volunteers coming and going with their own computers, over time the admin system starts to become weaker and problematic.

Healesville CoRE has been working on creating our own centralized admin system using easy to access off the shelf software that needed additional work to be integrated, and we were fortunate, with YR Council help, in obtaining a grant from Sustainability Victoria to develop this system for other not for profit groups.

A small team of our members and three external consultants are now bringing this work to fruition and a report will be compiled for Sustainability Victoria which we hope eventually to make available to other community energy groups and other not for profit groups throughout Australia.

We are very pleased that our initiative with this project has been recognized and acknowledged. The integrated system is now being used by Healesville CoRE and has made a huge difference to our organizational efficiency and productivity. We are excited that our work will now benefit other not for profit groups throughout Australia.

In addition we obtained a separate grant from FRRR to develop 40 Policy documents, which is now in process, and we are also hopeful we will be able to use this work to help other not for profits around Australia, thus leveraging the value of the grant funding!!

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Yarra Ranges Council declares a Climate Emergency!!

Photo by Michael Nardella

We are very excited to bring you the great news that on Tuesday, 10 September 2019, the Yarra Ranges Council voted 5 votes to 3 to declare a Climate Emergency. The public gallery was overflowing with supporters of the motion, including children, and there was much excitement and jubilation once the vote was taken!

Learn more on the international movement to declare a Climate Emergency

In making this Climate Emergency Declaration Council is declaring that we cannot engage in ‘business as usual’ if we are to seriously tackle the Climate Emergency. Council is saying, we need a society wide mobilization that takes very seriously the danger now facing our planet and all life on the planet.

The Yarra Ranges Council is taking leadership in making this Declaration. It is sending a very strong and unequivocal message to the community and to governments that we need urgent, collective action across all levels of government and the community. There is no time to waste! We must act NOW!

Cr Mike Clarke’s Motion: A Climate Emergency Framework!

In fact, Cr Mike Clarke’s motion went further than declaring a Climate Emergency. His motion created a Climate Emergency Framework which will enable a Whole of Council approach to the Climate Emergency, as well as also enabling greater collaboration between Council staff and the community in developing carbon abatement projects and activities.

This Whole of Council approach and greater collaboration between the Community and Council is what Healesville CoRE has been advocating for the past two years.

Read Cr Mike Clarke’s amended motion

The Healesville CoRE Role in Facilitating this Outcome!

The Healesville CoRE team is really pleased to have played a prominent role in facilitating this outcome. Our President, Jeff Barlow, is a Community Member of the Yarra Ranges Environment Advisory Committee (YREAC), which is a Council appointed group to advise Council on environmental issues. Jeff brought a motion to YREAC in June this year, which YREAC supported unanimously, to request that Council signs the Climate Emergency Declaration. This was supported by a letter from Healesville CoRE and a further supportive motion, which Jeff organized, from a meeting of the Yarra Valley Community for Climate Action, both with unanimous support.

Cr Mike Clarke, who is the Chair of YREAC, then formulated his motion on the basis of the support of YREAC, as well as the support of other community groups and individuals writing to Council.

A community group asked Jeff Barlow to speak in favour of the motion at the Council meeting which he did, and young kids from the community, who were present, stood behind Jeff, facing the Council, as he made his presentation to Council. It was an historic and very moving occasion.

Read Jeff Barlow’s community presentation to Council here

Practical Implications!

It is a real pity that the motion did not ask Council to sign the Climate Emergency Declaration, which would have had significant symbolic meaning, rather than simply declaring a Climate Emergency! However, the motion as passed, will have significant practical implications. Already plans are being discussed for the next steps in creating greater community/Council involvement in carbon abatement. More about this when we have something more concrete to announce.

Congratulations to Council!

Healesville CoRE would like to congratulate Cr Mike Clarke for bringing the motion to Council and for all the work he did behind the scenes to enable the motion to be passed. We would also like to thank our Councillors, who voted in favour of the motion, for their courage and wisdom in putting other concerns aside so they could focus on the big picture. They decided to move away from rubbish, roads and rates and away from bureaucratic concerns, to embrace the bigger picture of Global Warming, and to address the serious implications for the planet if temperature increases are not kept below 1.5 degrees. It is courageous leaders like these that the world needs – Federal politicians please take notice!!

Congratulations to our Community Who Lobbied for Change!

Healesville CoRE would also like to thank all those community members who signed petitions, attended meetings, voted for motions, wrote to individual councillors, and who spoke up for the Climate Emergency Declaration! It takes a community to get the action we need.

In our view, the Yarra Ranges community can be justly proud of the Council’s decision. When taken together with the work Council has been doing on renewable energy for Council buildings over the past 10 years and all the tree planting to store carbon, that has occurred, we can see a good start has been made to an ongoing process of broader community and Council action that will need to be mobilized. We think we are up for the challenge! Would you like to be involved too?

If you would like to support us in our ongoing work for the community please get in touch, become a financial member of Healesville CoRE or make a donation. Any or all of these would be very much appreciated. And remember to write to Council to congratulate them on this historic decision!

Read the Mail Newspaper article

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Yarra Ranges Council Feasibility Study on Building Solar Farms in Healesville and Surrounding areas.

Yarra Ranges Council has embarked on a feasibility study to see if it is viable to develop some solar farms on old tip sites in the municipality, including Healesville. Council is very keen to ascertain how much interest there is from community groups in being involved.

Leo De Jong, our Technical Projects Manager and Jeff Barlow, our President, are both speaking with the consultants about how Healesville CoRE and the Healesville community could be involved. This is a very exciting development, and although it is only a feasibility study, and not a project that is being implemented, it is a great start to beginning to think about how we can use larger scale projects like solar farms to achieve our Net Zero ambitions for Healesville by 2027!! Healesville CoRE is likely to be in touch with you later in the year to see what your views are on a number of issues related to community involvement, including possible community financial investment in a solar farm. We are hoping some tangible results will emerge from the feasibility study.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to use energy in our homes and businesses in Healesville, produced by solar panels from the old tip site!! Healesville CoRE commends the Yarra Ranges Council for this initiative.

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Healesville CoRE AGM on Sunday 25 August from 2.30 to 4.30pm!

It’s hard to believe another year has passed and we have our 2019 AGM coming up very soon. This year we have invited Dr Peter Cock, a former lecturer in Environmental Science at Monash University and founder of the Moora Moora Cooperative Community, to talk about Living with Renewable Energy for 40 Years.

Moora Moora was founded on Mt Toolebewong, in the hills just 20 minutes from Healesville, in the mid 1970’s, and fought actively not to connect to the electricity grid. They have used renewable energy over that period of time and now also have a working internal Micro Grid linking some of their homes. Peter will talk about the Moora Moora experience and his experience with renewable energy, from a time when it was not very popular in Australian to now, when the whole of Australia is in transition towards a renewable energy future.

Everyone is welcome to attend but only financial members of Healesville CoRE can vote at the AGM. If you would like to book a place at the AGM please contact us at this email address:

If you are a member of Healesville CoRE or would like to become a member and serve on our Central Committee or on one of our Sub Committees please get in touch. We would love to hear from you. Our three Sub Committees are Technical Projects, Community Engagement and Media. We really need the active involvement of our community and welcome new members to engage in our very exciting project to transition Healesville to Net Zero carbon from electricity consumption by 2017.

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Healesville CoRE Hits a Century in April!

We planned to have 100 financial members by the end of September this year but we reached that number at the end of April, five months early! This is a very exciting development that shows the real support from our community for the work we are doing. At the same time our data base has risen from just over 500 to 760! Who says small communities are not interested in community renewable energy? We could not do our work without this community support and we celebrate this fantastic growth over such a short time of just under 2 years! Well done Healesville!

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