Healesville CoRE to Train Volunteers to Provide Free Home Energy Efficiency Audits for Interested Community Members!

We are very excited to announce that we applied to the Commonwealth Government for a grant to train volunteers to be able to offer free home energy efficiency audits for interested community members. The grant will pay for the training consultant and for provision of some technical equipment to enable a high quality audit to be conducted and a report to the home owner to be compiled. Stay tuned for when these home energy efficiency audits will be on offer once the training is completed. If you think you might be interested in finding out more about training as a volunteer home energy efficiency auditor, do get in touch with us at healesvillecore@gmail.com. We would love to hear from you.

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Yarra Ranges Council Feasibility Study on Building Solar Farms in Healesville and Surrounding areas.

Yarra Ranges Council has embarked on a feasibility study to see if it is viable to develop some solar farms on old tip sites in the municipality, including Healesville. Council is very keen to ascertain how much interest there is from community groups in being involved.

Leo De Jong, our Technical Projects Manager and Jeff Barlow, our President, are both speaking with the consultants about how Healesville CoRE and the Healesville community could be involved. This is a very exciting development, and although it is only a feasibility study, and not a project that is being implemented, it is a great start to beginning to think about how we can use larger scale projects like solar farms to achieve our Net Zero ambitions for Healesville by 2027!! Healesville CoRE is likely to be in touch with you later in the year to see what your views are on a number of issues related to community involvement, including possible community financial investment in a solar farm. We are hoping some tangible results will emerge from the feasibility study.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to use energy in our homes and businesses in Healesville, produced by solar panels from the old tip site!! Healesville CoRE commends the Yarra Ranges Council for this initiative.

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Healesville CoRE AGM on Sunday 25 August from 2.30 to 4.30pm!

It’s hard to believe another year has passed and we have our 2019 AGM coming up very soon. This year we have invited Dr Peter Cock, a former lecturer in Environmental Science at Monash University and founder of the Moora Moora Cooperative Community, to talk about Living with Renewable Energy for 40 Years.

Moora Moora was founded on Mt Toolebewong, in the hills just 20 minutes from Healesville, in the mid 1970’s, and fought actively not to connect to the electricity grid. They have used renewable energy over that period of time and now also have a working internal Micro Grid linking some of their homes. Peter will talk about the Moora Moora experience and his experience with renewable energy, from a time when it was not very popular in Australian to now, when the whole of Australia is in transition towards a renewable energy future.

Everyone is welcome to attend but only financial members of Healesville CoRE can vote at the AGM. If you would like to book a place at the AGM please contact us at this email address: healesvillecore@gmail.com

If you are a member of Healesville CoRE or would like to become a member and serve on our Central Committee or on one of our Sub Committees please get in touch. We would love to hear from you. Our three Sub Committees are Technical Projects, Community Engagement and Media. We really need the active involvement of our community and welcome new members to engage in our very exciting project to transition Healesville to Net Zero carbon from electricity consumption by 2017.

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Healesville CoRE Hits a Century in April!

We planned to have 100 financial members by the end of September this year but we reached that number at the end of April, five months early! This is a very exciting development that shows the real support from our community for the work we are doing. At the same time our data base has risen from just over 500 to 760! Who says small communities are not interested in community renewable energy? We could not do our work without this community support and we celebrate this fantastic growth over such a short time of just under 2 years! Well done Healesville!

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Finally, some Success with a Grant to Support our Work!

We are really excited to announce we have received $3,607.50 in funding from the Commonwealth Government to finance the training of 5 Healesville volunteers to learn how to conduct free Home Energy Efficiency Audits to help Healesville household reduce energy bills, with a focus on vulnerable households to begin with.

Glen Morris, who many of you know from his interesting and engaging workshops for Healesville CoRE, has been appointed the trainer and some volunteers have already expressed an interest. If you are interested in this one-day training please contact us at contact@healesvillecore.org.au for further information and we will be in touch! Watch this space!!

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Exciting Announcement about Two Successful Appointments for our President, Jeff Barlow!

Appointment to YREAC! Jeff is now in a position to expand the scope of our work as an organization with two recent successful appointments. He has been appointed to the Yarra Ranges Environment Advisory Committee (YREAC), which is a committee that meets every two months to advise YR Council on environmental issues. This is an individual appointment for Jeff, in his own right, rather than as a representative of Healesville CoRE, but the issue of community renewable energy will be a major point of interest for Jeff on this committee, amongst other important environmental issues.

This appointment, which is for three years, will enable the issue of climate change and community renewable energy to be considered more closely by the committee, with a view to, hopefully, our work being supported to expand beyond Healesville to other towns in the Yarra Ranges municipality. The first business meeting of the committee on Thursday 2 May at the Council Chambers in Lilydale, saw a vigorous and energized discussion on climate change and renewable energy. Jeff also provided the Committee with a recently published Blueprint for how Councils can be involved with their community in transitioning to Net Zero. If you would like to read this document click on this link:


Appointment to the Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Corps! Jeff will train for three days in Brisbane in June this year to become an Ambassador for Climate Change with a commitment to personally run a minimum of 10 events related to climate change, within one year.

Jeff will bring back to Healesville, and elsewhere, the skills he will gain in Brisbane, to further develop the work of Healesville CoRE, and to expand our work beyond Healesville with support from our Central Committee and our team of volunteers!


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Tony Smith, MHR for Casey, Pledges Big Bucks for Healesville Indoor Swimming Pool Refurbishment, Solar Panels & Batteries if Coalition wins the Election!

$1.5 million has been promised for this work, according to the local paper, provided the current Government is returned to office at the upcoming elections. As well as the general refurbishment of the building, a new roof will be added, with solar panels linked to battery storage. Healesville CoRE is delighted with this announcement as it will reduce the pool’s huge power bills by replacing energy from the grid with free solar energy, with a consequent reduction in carbon emissions from the pool’s energy consumption.

Healesville CoRE was involved in discussions with the High School Principal, about the pool in 2018, but we were not able to do anything due to lack of funding opportunities. This offer is a great example of what can be done with solar energy in a small town, when the Government gets behind a project. It is a pity it has only been offered now, and only if the Coalition wins the election! But it is a step in the right direction and we applaud this initiative and congratulate Tony Smith on his foresight and support!

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Healesville Community Solar Hot Water (Heat Pump) Bulk Buy. Calling for Expressions of Interest!

After our very successful launch of the Healesville Community Solar & Battery Offer with Mondo Power, we are now boldly planning our next big project – a bulk buy of solar hot water heat pumps direct from the importer and the manufacturer! We will be doing this on our own, so it is a big step for our very small organization of community volunteers.

We need 20 Expressions of Interest for the company supplying the product to get engaged with us. So, if you are interested, or could be interested, in solar hot water, and if you would like to find out more about our bulk buy for solar hot water (heat pumps) just send an email to contact@healesvillecore.org.au and we will be in touch with you. Our list is gradually increasing in numbers!

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Farming Solutions for a Changing Climate!

If you are a farmer or know a farmer, this event, run by YR Council at the Healesville Memo on Wednesday 29 May from 7.00 to 9.15pm, will be of interest. For further information and registration (which is required) click on this link: https://yrc.vic.gov.au/FarmingSolutions

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