Community Renewable Energy

$90,000 funding from Federal Government for solar infrastructure in Healesville now in progress!

Those of you who read our newsletter regularly will know that in May, just prior to the last Federal Election, our local MP for Casey, Tony Smith MHR, pledged Healesville CoRE $90,000 for three local solar energy projects. We copped some flack at the time from members of the community who disagreed with us being open to funding from the Federal Government. However, Healesville CoRE also spoke to the Labour candidate about our financial needs, so we did not favour one party. The President, with the unanimous support of the Central Committee, made it clear to those who protested to us that we are not politically aligned and will work with whichever party is in power, as we represent all people in our community, regardless of their political affiliations. We did lose some financial members over this issue, unfortunately, but we stuck to our guns and three community groups will, hopefully, benefit from this funding.

After discussions over an extended period of time the process of accessing the funding is now in train and Healesville CoRE is working on the projects, preparing documentation about each project to present to Council, so a formal funding application can be made to Canberra in early December 2019. The projects will be assessed by the relevant Minister and we are hopeful that the funds will be made available early to mid-2020. We are very pleased that this funding program is now in process and we look forward to announcing the funding next year and we also look forward to getting solar panels on the roof tops of the community groups involved.

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Is a significant solar farm getting closer for Healesville on our old tip site?

Many in our community were very upset at losing our community tip and having to drive to Coldstream to dump our household rubbish. But Council has now sponsored a feasibility study into the possibility of making constructive use of the old tip site by building a solar farm on it. A company called Enhar won the feasibility study contract and together with Australian Energy Foundation (formerly Moreland Energy) they have now completed their study and have submitted their recommendations to Council. They have identified a number of sites around the Yarra Valley and Healesville is right up there as a possibility.

Prior to completing the feasibility study, a Stakeholder Meeting was held at the Council offices in Lilydale in September, with a widely representative group of stakeholders, including two from Healesville CoRE – Simon Prunster and Jeff Barlow.

Enhar and the Australian Energy Foundation presented the results of their study, including input from a range of community groups, including Healesville CoRE. Feedback on their report and other input from the stakeholders was invited with some of the issues raised to be included in the final report. There is the possibility of a small solar farm or a larger solar farm, depending on a range of technical and financial issues which were explained to the meeting.

We understand Council will make a decision some time in December and Healesville CoRE hopes Council will decide in favour of a large solar farm on the Healesville site! Energy production from the site could be used for council buildings, street lights and / or for the community and other purposes. Watch this space!!

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Getting Healesville CoRE on the radar with Sustainability Victoria

Getting Healesville CoRE on the radar with Sustainability Victoria and connecting with other community renewable energy groups in Victoria.

Meeting between Sustainability Victoria, YR Council, and H’CoRE on Monday 23 September 2019

Very positive feedback to Healesville CoRE from Sustainability Victoria and from the YR Council for the work we are doing. This meeting was a great opportunity for Healesville CoRE to inform this government department about our work and to hear about the work Sustainability Victoria is doing to support community energy groups throughout Victoria – from setting up communication infrastructure so we can all ‘talk’ to each other online (what they call a ‘Community of Practice’) to working to establish a ‘Collective Impact Strategy’ with government, councils and community groups working together to achieve common goals.

This two hour, very constructive meeting was attended by three reps from Healesville CoRE: Sean O’Sullivan, Simon Prunster and Jeff Barlow; three reps from Sustainability Victoria and two reps from the YR Council Sustainability Team.

The Collective Impact Framework was discussed but it became clear this is a concept at the very early stages of development for Sustainability Victoria. They only have 5 staff and they are trying to do things differently from the way Government usually goes about engaging with the community, where Govt usually employs a top down approach. Sustainability Victoria is trying to explore the possibility of a more horizontal approach with more connectivity between government, councils and communities.

Healesville CoRE received some very positive feedback with Sustainability Victoria being impressed and confident in the quality of our work and the professional approach we are using. They receive our newsletter and think it looks professional, with excellent content. This was reaffirmed by Julian Guess from Council.

We explained the problem that volunteers cannot be expected to decarbonise Australia, that we are overworked with the enormity of the task we face and that we are of the view, as they are, that it will take a collective approach to achieve Net Zero for Healesville and for the Yarra Ranges.

They were impressed with the admin infrastructure we have set up with CiviCRM software and the move to using Google’s G-Suite for our other admin software. They wanted to look at what we have set up in CiviCRM to see how it works and to see if it could be rolled out to other community energy groups who are reporting to Sustainability Victoria that they are having admin problems.

They could see from our presentation how CiviCRM could be scaled up to be used across the Yarra Ranges. They also understood the problem of not enough volunteer labour to do all the work required and the need for finance to employ an administrator and to hire professional support for the CiviCRM software. We are hopeful that if the Victorian Government provides funding for community renewable energy groups that Healesville CoRE might also be included.

We are clearly on the radar for Sustainability Victoria, they see the good work we are doing with very limited resources, that we have great potential, that we need financial support, and they and Council can see how H’CoRE could be scaled up to roll out a program across other community groups all over the Yarra Ranges with a view to establishing many community energy groups. I explained how we need to research ways of creating deep community penetration for action and how we can use the findings to apply across the Yarra Ranges. In all, a very positive meeting.

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Great success for our solar energy event with Glen Morris

Great success for our solar energy event with Glen Morris at his Lab at Moora Moora on 14 September 2019.
On Saturday, 14 September, Healesville CoRE held an information and solar equipment ‘show and tell’ event at Moora Moora Co-op on Mount Toolebewong at the Workshop, Training centre and Lab of Glen Morris.
The weather was perfect with sun and bright blue skies, which gave the event guide and solar technology Guru, Glen Morris, the chance to hold most of the demonstration tour in the open. Attendees were introduced to various pieces of equipment in live operation on trailers, on roofs and on a “tiny” house. We even saw in operation the micro grid of one group of houses!!
Glen tests the latest products coming on the market and his laboratory is full of inverters and batteries in operation. He explored the history and the workings of the wide range of equipment on site in his clear, friendly and engaging way to the 35 people attending the event. A great success according to all in attendance! And what a treat to see a piece of equipment that can produce clean water from air!


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Yarra Ranges Council declares a Climate Emergency!!

Photo by Michael Nardella

We are very excited to bring you the great news that on Tuesday, 10 September 2019, the Yarra Ranges Council voted 5 votes to 3 to declare a Climate Emergency. The public gallery was overflowing with supporters of the motion, including children, and there was much excitement and jubilation once the vote was taken!

Learn more on the international movement to declare a Climate Emergency

In making this Climate Emergency Declaration Council is declaring that we cannot engage in ‘business as usual’ if we are to seriously tackle the Climate Emergency. Council is saying, we need a society wide mobilization that takes very seriously the danger now facing our planet and all life on the planet.

The Yarra Ranges Council is taking leadership in making this Declaration. It is sending a very strong and unequivocal message to the community and to governments that we need urgent, collective action across all levels of government and the community. There is no time to waste! We must act NOW!

Cr Mike Clarke’s Motion: A Climate Emergency Framework!

In fact, Cr Mike Clarke’s motion went further than declaring a Climate Emergency. His motion created a Climate Emergency Framework which will enable a Whole of Council approach to the Climate Emergency, as well as also enabling greater collaboration between Council staff and the community in developing carbon abatement projects and activities.

This Whole of Council approach and greater collaboration between the Community and Council is what Healesville CoRE has been advocating for the past two years.

Read Cr Mike Clarke’s amended motion

The Healesville CoRE Role in Facilitating this Outcome!

The Healesville CoRE team is really pleased to have played a prominent role in facilitating this outcome. Our President, Jeff Barlow, is a Community Member of the Yarra Ranges Environment Advisory Committee (YREAC), which is a Council appointed group to advise Council on environmental issues. Jeff brought a motion to YREAC in June this year, which YREAC supported unanimously, to request that Council signs the Climate Emergency Declaration. This was supported by a letter from Healesville CoRE and a further supportive motion, which Jeff organized, from a meeting of the Yarra Valley Community for Climate Action, both with unanimous support.

Cr Mike Clarke, who is the Chair of YREAC, then formulated his motion on the basis of the support of YREAC, as well as the support of other community groups and individuals writing to Council.

A community group asked Jeff Barlow to speak in favour of the motion at the Council meeting which he did, and young kids from the community, who were present, stood behind Jeff, facing the Council, as he made his presentation to Council. It was an historic and very moving occasion.

Read Jeff Barlow’s community presentation to Council here

Practical Implications!

It is a real pity that the motion did not ask Council to sign the Climate Emergency Declaration, which would have had significant symbolic meaning, rather than simply declaring a Climate Emergency! However, the motion as passed, will have significant practical implications. Already plans are being discussed for the next steps in creating greater community/Council involvement in carbon abatement. More about this when we have something more concrete to announce.

Congratulations to Council!

Healesville CoRE would like to congratulate Cr Mike Clarke for bringing the motion to Council and for all the work he did behind the scenes to enable the motion to be passed. We would also like to thank our Councillors, who voted in favour of the motion, for their courage and wisdom in putting other concerns aside so they could focus on the big picture. They decided to move away from rubbish, roads and rates and away from bureaucratic concerns, to embrace the bigger picture of Global Warming, and to address the serious implications for the planet if temperature increases are not kept below 1.5 degrees. It is courageous leaders like these that the world needs – Federal politicians please take notice!!

Congratulations to our Community Who Lobbied for Change!

Healesville CoRE would also like to thank all those community members who signed petitions, attended meetings, voted for motions, wrote to individual councillors, and who spoke up for the Climate Emergency Declaration! It takes a community to get the action we need.

In our view, the Yarra Ranges community can be justly proud of the Council’s decision. When taken together with the work Council has been doing on renewable energy for Council buildings over the past 10 years and all the tree planting to store carbon, that has occurred, we can see a good start has been made to an ongoing process of broader community and Council action that will need to be mobilized. We think we are up for the challenge! Would you like to be involved too?

If you would like to support us in our ongoing work for the community please get in touch, become a financial member of Healesville CoRE or make a donation. Any or all of these would be very much appreciated. And remember to write to Council to congratulate them on this historic decision!

Read the Mail Newspaper article

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Exciting Announcement about Two Successful Appointments for our President, Jeff Barlow!

Appointment to YREAC! Jeff is now in a position to expand the scope of our work as an organization with two recent successful appointments. He has been appointed to the Yarra Ranges Environment Advisory Committee (YREAC), which is a committee that meets every two months to advise YR Council on environmental issues. This is an individual appointment for Jeff, in his own right, rather than as a representative of Healesville CoRE, but the issue of community renewable energy will be a major point of interest for Jeff on this committee, amongst other important environmental issues.

This appointment, which is for three years, will enable the issue of climate change and community renewable energy to be considered more closely by the committee, with a view to, hopefully, our work being supported to expand beyond Healesville to other towns in the Yarra Ranges municipality. The first business meeting of the committee on Thursday 2 May at the Council Chambers in Lilydale, saw a vigorous and energized discussion on climate change and renewable energy. Jeff also provided the Committee with a recently published Blueprint for how Councils can be involved with their community in transitioning to Net Zero. If you would like to read this document click on this link:

Appointment to the Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Corps! Jeff will train for three days in Brisbane in June this year to become an Ambassador for Climate Change with a commitment to personally run a minimum of 10 events related to climate change, within one year.

Jeff will bring back to Healesville, and elsewhere, the skills he will gain in Brisbane, to further develop the work of Healesville CoRE, and to expand our work beyond Healesville with support from our Central Committee and our team of volunteers!


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Did you ask a Question?

We answered it at the Q&A Healesville Community Gathering 2017 June 29th

and we will answer more!

  • What happens if your neighbour decides to put on an extension or renovation and your building might get shaded?
  • Does being off-grid make a town safer during a bushfire?
  • What about the mining of lithium that has just opened, and could produce up to a quarter of the world’s supply?
  • Which way should solar panels face, to get the best bang-for-your-buck?

Can you see yourself in the videos? (that’s the question we’re asking you)

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Energy Stress in Healesville?


Perhaps technologies that save, store or produce energy would help your household.    What do you need?

  • Money?
  • Knowledge?
  • Time?
  • People?
  • Control?

Don’t we all!  A new report by the Australian Council of Social Service, the  Brotherhood of St Laurence and The Climate Institute talks about empowering families to access affordable clean energy.

Let HealesvilleCoRE know your biggest energy worries and together we can start to fix them.

…and of course, ask our government to help…because rolling back support for renewables isn’t so smart.


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Fact: The cheapest form of new power generation is renewable

Fact: The cheapest form of new power generation is renewable

Wind and solar are now the cheapest form of

new power generation in Australia.

Low wind prices are reflected in recent

contracts for wind.

Worldwide, the cost of large-scale wind and

solar plants continues to fall. Onshore wind costs

fell 18%, and solar PV costs fell 17% in the past

year. Globally, wind prices have reached

record lows.

Sources: * Climate Council 2017

BNEF (2017) BNEF Research – New coal the most expensive

form of new supply.

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