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The Magic Pudding Solar System!

Another Great Achievement for Healesville CoRE – Solar Systems for three Not for Profit Groups in Healesville!!

We announced in earlier Newsletters last year that we had received an offer of funding from our local Federal MHR, Tony Smith, for $90,000 for three solar energy projects in Healesville. We did our research, got solar systems designed and quoted on, got Council involved. Submitted a formal application for funding and the funding has now been officially approved!

Recently YR Council and Healesville CoRE appointed a Project Manager and the systems are now undergoing final design in preparation for tenders to be let very soon. We thank the YR Council Sustainability Unit for their assistance which has helped us a lot.

All the solar systems will include a Mondo Ubi electronic monitoring system which we will be able to utilize to monitor the productivity of each system and to use the Ubis in the Healesville Micro Grid which we are planning to establish in the future.

Healesville CoRE is very excited to be supporting the Healesville Living & Learning Centre ($20,000), the Galena Beek Cultural Centre ($50,000) and the Robyn Jane Children’s Centre ($20,000) all of whom will save a substantial amount of money by generating their own solar energy. This funding will be used as interest free loans for each organization.

In addition, we suggested this funding become a Revolving Fund whereby each organization benefiting from the funding uses the savings they make on their electricity bills to repay the interest free loan so the money can then be used for other community groups, in perpetuity – the Magic Pudding Solar System!! Free money to install a solar system that saves money to pay for itself and then the money revolves for other groups to use for decades to come.