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Local Power Plan is an Incredible Game Changer for Community Renewable Energy!

The movement towards government support of local community renewable energy groups like Healesville CoRE, has received an incredible impetus from Independent MP for Indi, Dr Helen Haines, with her Local Power Plan, which includes a bill which she hopes to get through the Federal Parliament called the Local Power Bill 2020.

The Local Power Plan proposes a new Australian Local Power Agency to develop 3 innovative schemes, including 50 local power Hubs across Australia and a new $310 million fund to support local communities to develop their own energy projects. In addition, it proposes the underwriting of a new Community Investment Scheme, which would enable local people to purchase 20% of the value of new large scale renewable energy projects e.g. solar and wind farms, community batteries etc.


This proposal, if passed by Parliament, could be a game changer for community energy in Australia and could lead to significant opportunities to be taken up within the Yarra Ranges Municipality. Our President wrote to the YR Council about the Local Power Plan and said: “If Council and Healesville CoRE could develop a Collective Impact Strategy to stimulate and guide the development of community renewable energy across the municipality we could be well placed to attract Federal Government funding to our towns and perhaps to have Healesville designated a community energy Hub to disperse funds to other community energy groups across the municipality. I hope after reading the Local Power Plan you will understand the potential for social and economic development opportunities for our municipality.”

For further information and video go to:

Helen Haines said:

“By bringing cheap, clean power to the regions, spurring a new wave of local employment, and creating new sources of income that will last for decades, the Local Power Plan is one opportunity to reboot our regional economy.

“To make this a reality, we need the Government to commit $483 million over 10 years.

“If you share our vision for a generation of prosperity fuelled by cheap, clean, local power, visit and get involved:

  • Ask your local Federal MPto support the Local Power Plan
  • Contact your local councilabout supporting local renewables projects
  • Write a letter to the local newspaperin support of the Local Power Plan
  • Get involved in community energy

Helen Haines said, “The next 50 years could be the brightest ever for regional Australia, if we have the smarts and the grit to work for it. Let’s get to work!

If you would like to join Healesville CoRE to support our work for local renewable energy please sign up here:

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