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What CoRE has been doing!

This is just a short reminder of what Healesville CoRE has been doing for our community.

Healesville Community Renewable Energy is a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers since 2017. Our vision is to accelerate the transition of Healesville to a Net Zero Carbon town – renewable and affordable.

$90,000 revolving fund.

In 2019, Healesville Community Renewable Energy (HCoRE) received a $90,000 Federal Government grant to install solar panels on three local not-for-profit groups. The Community Energy Revolving Fund builds community energy resilience and helps local organisations to cut power bills and reduce carbon emissions.

This grant is in it’s second generation. Helping more community savings.

$60,000 Improvement fund

The state government committed $60,000 to Healesville CoRE, so that we could continue to build on and expand our work in our community. To that end we have developed two plans. One to improve Badger Creek Hall’s sustainability and second to upgrade a community house on Don Rd. Both projects are on going stay tune for more information in the coming months.

50 Home Energy Efficiency Reports (HEEA)

Did you know that around 40% of energy use in the house is linked to heating and cooling? This is where we can help. Our team of trained volunteer Home Energy Efficiency Advisors can visit your home and advise on possible improvements to make it more comfortable, save on your energy bills and carbon emissions.

Merged with Yarra Glenergy acquiring Yarra Glen EV charger.

Healesville CoRE was thrilled to announce that our two groups have merged into one and have joined forces to create an even stronger community renewable energy group. The income from the Yarra Glen EV charger will help us achieve our goals in the future

Attended multiple community get together  

Healesville CoRE volunteers are are committed to reaching out and spreading the word to our community. We are often are community events or our own events at the Memo. Look out for the next time you can come and meet the group.

Bulk Buys

Please note, we are in the process of changing our providers, to give you the best value and quality possible. If you are considering purchasing one, we anticipate the offer will again be available later in 2024 . Apologies for any inconvenience. We still encourage you to add insulation, heat pump hotter systems Reverse cycle air conditioners, Solar and batteries using the state and federal incentive programs