Fact: The cheapest form of new power generation is renewable

Fact: The cheapest form of new power generation is renewable

Wind and solar are now the cheapest form of

new power generation in Australia.

Low wind prices are reflected in recent

contracts for wind.

Worldwide, the cost of large-scale wind and

solar plants continues to fall. Onshore wind costs

fell 18%, and solar PV costs fell 17% in the past

year. Globally, wind prices have reached

record lows.

Sources: * Climate Council 2017

BNEF (2017) BNEF Research – New coal the most expensive

form of new supply.

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Push for a mini hydro-electric scheme in Yarra Valley town of Warburton

Up to 120 homes could be powered by a mini hydro-electric scheme that’s been proposed by locals for Warburton.

Source: Push for a mini hydro-electric scheme in Yarra Valley town of Warburton

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Inside Melbourne’s secret suburban hydro power system

From the outside, it looks like a green shipping container on an industrial block in the suburbs. But on the inside, there’s plenty going on.

Source: Inside Melbourne’s secret suburban hydro power system

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Solar Savers For Pensioners

Solar Savers For Pensioners

Get in quickly, before the 15th August 2017.  Victorian Councils, including Yarra Ranges, support pensioners to install solar with no upfront costs.

The next round of assistance is after February 2018.

Contact Solar Savers  (03) 9385 8512 if you: 

own your home,

have a Government Pension Card (aged or disability),

are usually at home from 9am to 5pm,

have average to high electricity use (ask if you are unsure).

Watch the video of one success story – the Solar Savers “Nonna Effect”

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CoRE has a great future | Mountain Views Mail

By Kath Gannaway Healesville has voted resoundingly for a renewable energy future with over 225 people packing The Memo hall…

Source: CoRE has a great future | Mountain Views Mail

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First Community Gathering: a Full House @ Memo Hall !

On Thursday 29th June 2017,  an estimated 250 people showed their interest in a solar future for Healesville.

The event outlined the inspiration behind the project, and ideas to implement positive change in sourcing and using our own energy in the Healesville region.

Watch the full YouTube clip of the Community Gathering here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WP0vujis2Us

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Attendance for community gathering growing fast. Will we fill the Memo?!! This is becoming a major event for Healesville!!

When we were first planning this event we thought we might get 30-40 people to turn up. Our numbers are now 4 times that and growing daily.  Will we fill the Memo? The Steering Group members are all really excited about the interest being shown. Seems like there is a huge amount of interest in community solar projects for Healesville.

Register NOW so you don’t miss out on what is shaping up to be a memorable event for the Healesville community!

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Families interested in Community Gathering

Jeff Barlow, initiator of the HealesvilleCoRE Project and member of the Steering Group, handing out information about the 29th June meeting to Jess, and Amy at the Healesville Organic Market in River Street.

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, child, outdoor and food

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Great news! Yarra Ranges Council has awarded us some seed funding!

We are very pleased to announce that we have received a small community grant of $1,000 for the promotion and organising of our Community Gathering. Our thanks to the Council for this support!

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