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Healesville Community Bank Low Interest Solar Loan

The Healesville Community (Bendigo) Bank has been an active supporter of Healesville CoRE since our beginning prior to our first community gathering in June 2017! In fact, members of the bank board worked with the Healesville CoRE Steering Group to help get us started, and their help, their community connections and their active financial support were essential and very much appreciated.

The Chair of the Healesville Community Bank Board, Bruce Argyle, has written to Healesville CoRE to advise of their ongoing support:

“The Healesville Community Bank Board has prioritised partnership with Healesville CoRE for the coming years as we support your initiative to become a net zero emissions town.”

Finance Options from the Healesville Community Bank for Installation of Solar Equipment

  1. For new Bendigo Bank customers or those willing to refinance then the bank can include solar fixtures, similar to ‘renovations/household improvements’, subject to meeting serviceability requirements, at the current Connect 3 Product rate of 3.89% interest.
  2. For existing Bendigo Bank customers, they can do a redraw on their existing mortgage facility at the same interest rate as the mortgage (or less) and it is suggested that customers come into the branch to chat about what the bank can do for you.
  3. For secured personal loans the bank can finance solar fixtures at 6.59% interest currently, with some Manager discretion possible, for 1-5 or 7 years’ term.
  4. For unsecured personal loans we can finance solar fixtures at 10.99% interest currently, with some Manager discretion possible, for 1-5 or 7 years term.
      1. *All interest rates are subject to change.

The Victorian Government is investing significant amounts of money in financing solar installations for households, including batteries, and for rental properties, and these grants will be announced in the coming months. With these grants, if you are eligible, combined with low interest loans and continuing decreases in the costs of solar panels and batteries, there has never been a better time to invest in solar energy for your home.

Interested persons are strongly encouraged to have a conversation with Healesville Bendigo Bank Branch Manager, Rosanna Miguel, to ensure that the bank is providing the most competitive possible package. If you are quoted a better rate elsewhere then get in touch with your local bank – the Healesville Community Bank.



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